The Catacombs is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


Catacombs map

1 Main entrance.
2 Rear Passage 1 (nr. Collapsed Meeting Room)
3 Rear Passage 2 (nr. Storage Shed)

An ancient burial chamber of considerable size. Home to the Undead of all kinds and the meeting place of Salvation.

The Catacombs' main entrance is to the north of Deos Hills with a Riftstone next to it. Two other entrances to the Catacombs exist, but are initially blocked :

  • Under the large bridge over the river near Gran Soren - an entrance in the bridges foundations, south of the Storage Shed (Catacombs Rear Passage 2) connecting to the northwestern part of the Catacomb's 'Third Level Underground'
  • An entrance close to the Collapsed Meeting Room in the Estan Plains outside Gran Soren (Catacombs Rear Passage 1), connecting to the southestern part of the 'Second Level Underground'.

Inhabitants include several Undead, Undead Warriors, Stout Undead, Giant RatsSpidersPhantoms, Skeletons including Skeleton Knights and Skeleton Mages, and an Ogre.

The path to the lowest level is barred by locked gates - the gate on the first floor, next to the lift, is unlocked by the First Key To Salvation, the double gates on the second level, leading to a group of Stout Undead, is unlocked by the Second Key To Salvation. Within the lowest level is the Confessional Chamber, locked behind a magic door.

The Gathering Hall chamber, in which the Arisen encounters Julien and the Elysion during Seeking Salvation has several "Remaining Eye" symbols painted on its walls.

During the quest A Parting Gift a Specter may be encountered, and during the Dark Arisen quest An Unseen Rival III two Living Armors.


There are numerous chests, and sarcophagi in the tombs. Plants are unknown here, and mushrooms are uncommon. Skulls, curatives, and lesser items such as Empty Flasks are common. All kinds of environmental objects such as Pots, Explosive Barrels, boxes and Large Stones are all abundant.

Catacomb Gold is unique to the area's deep level ore deposits.

Upper Levels Map
Catacombs arc5 upper
Chest Contents
1 Mage's Periapt, Throwblast, Interventive, Purifying Brew, Large Coin Pouch.

Nearby sarcophagus may contain: Jewel of Silence, Salubrious Brew, Dragon's Spit, Purifying Brew, Monk's Periapt or Large Coin Pouch

2 Ferric Talon, Iron Helm. A Liquid Vim is nearby

The standing sarcophagus in a hall south from here may contain: Coin Purse of Charity, Dragon's Spit, Monk's Periapt, Light-Cure, Tuft of Hair, Large Coin Pouch.

The one by the lever may contain Jewel of Silence, Purifying Brew, Monk's Periapt, Dragon's Spit, Large Coin Pouch.

3 Iron Armguard, Iron Manicae, Large Coin Pouch

The Sarcophagus just west of this chest may contain: Direwolf Cape, Salubrious Brew, Monk's Periapt, Purifying Brew, Dragon's Spit, Conqueror's Periapt, Shackle, Large Coin Pouch.

4 Veteran's Periapt, Skeleton Strategies, Balmy Perfume, Interventive, Coin Pouch
5 Violet Ring, Ogre Bone, Jewel of Darkness, Angel's Periapt, Liquid Vim, Large Coin Pouch
6 Second Journal Entry

A nearby Book Pile may yield : Undead Strategy Vol. 1, Ancient Scroll, Coin Pouch

7 Angel's Periapt, Ghost Tactics Vol. 2, Liquid Vim, Salomet's Secret, Large Coin Pouch

The northern of the two nearby upright Sarcophagi may contain : Scale Greaves

8 Eden's Warden, Scalding Razors, Feather-Light Pelta, Coin Purse of Charity, Jewel of Health South from the chest, a sarcophagus, with a crate by it, may contain : Scale Greaves
9 Set of Salvation Robes
10 Dalmatica, Missionary's Robe, Silverwheat Paste, Balmy Perfume
11 Bronze Sallet, Wizard's Helm, Headless Icon, Undead Strategy Vol. 2, Large Coin Pouch
12 Magick Buckler, Frame Plate, Ring of Gules, Violet Ring
13 Leather Circlet, Tiger Bangle, Coin Purse of Charity, Angel's Periapt, Liquid Vim, Large Coin Pouch
14 Mage's Shoes, Iron Cuisses, Wight Tactics, Throat Drops, Large Coin Pouch
15 Bliaut, Full Chain Hosen, Rose Ring, Angel's Periapt, Conqueror's Periapt, Large Coin Pouch
A nearby chest contains a Pilgrim's Charm during A Parting Gift

In a small room due south (en-route to the Collapsed Meeting Room exit), a sarcophagus may contain : Direwolf Cape

16 Restless Earring, Direwolf Cape, Violet Neck Wrap
Weapon Piles

minor items not listed, not marked on map

First Floor : before the lever-activated door, in the room with the second lamp :

First Floor : after the lever-activated door :

Second Level Underground : in the room with the third lamp and Skeleton Knights :

Second Level Underground : in the two-pillared chamber where the Ogre resides :

Lower Levels Map Chest Contents

Catacombs arc5 lower crop

17 Crescending Roar, Frozen Tomorrow, Scorched Pelta, Coin Purse of Charity, Monk's Periapt, Salomet's Secret, Light-Cure
18 Crimson Teeth


Dragon's Dogma

Dark Arisen

Pawn Chatter

On entering from the Deos Hills entrance

"The crypt was fashioned ages ago, before the Faith came to Gransys."
"... Long ago, when the people worshipped the old gods, the gods of nature."
"... I suspect it's why they returned their dead to the soil. To the Earthgod."
"Few come to offer prayers for those who rest here in the catacombs. That their souls might be cleansed and born anew in the coming generations."
"If ever it was the seat of a god, that time has surely past."

On the inhabitants

"Be careful -- the walking dead are all around us."
"Undead sleep beneath the earth!"
"To judge from the beasts that dwell here, the place holds a dark power."

On the sarcophagi

"I believe some of the coffins are booby trapped."
"If you see gas leaking, 'tis likely a gas trap."

On the lamps

"The lamplight will make spotting traps easier."

By the hidden room

"Would that we had some manner  of foothold..."
"I'd wager we could scale that wall."

In the natural tunnels

"If monsters appear, let's take advantage of the uneven tarrain."


  • The Catacombs may be explored at any time, even before the quests Seeking Salvation and Rise of the Fallen.
  • Falls down the lift shaft pit are always fatal (even when mitigating Fall Damage with Skull Splitter). However a fall from the upper to lower level onto the lowered lift plate is relatively safe but painful.
  • The Catacombs teem with Undead - any form of Holy based weapon or magic is recommended. Fire is almost equally as effective.
  • There is a hidden room on the First Floor of the Catacombs, which pawns will draw attention to - vocations with limited jumping skills can make use of a nearby indestructible crate to gain access to the room via a broken high wall section.
  • A number of the Sarcophagi are booby trapped and may inflict Curse upon opening.
  • The underground geography does not line up with the overground exits - the exit from the 3rd Level Underground (usually first found during Seeking Salvation) should be far to the west of the exit under the bridge near Gran Soren - almost under the Wilted Forest in fact.

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