The Bluemoon Tower is a location in Dragon's Dogma.

A mysterious ruined tower far to the north of Gran Soren. It is the nest of a Griffin, and later the home of an outlaw sorcerer, Salomet.


Dragon's Dogma - The Bluemoon Tower Map Location

Area Map

"Tis written that this tower was built long, long ago, at a lord's behest. No accounts remain of why, however. None know what purpose it served. Some say it was to ward against the wyrm; others, an altar to the old gods." - Pawn

The Bluemoon Tower is located in a distant eastern part of Gransys, far north of the capital. It is visible from most eastern coastal areas.

In order to reach the Bluemoon Tower from Gran Soren, travel north along Conquest Road beyond the Windbluff Tower, passing east of Hillfigure Knoll. Take the right of two choices at a fork in the road (the other leads to the Blighted Manse).

Pass through Windworn Valley, where a heavy wind will impede the Arisen's progress. Here a second left fork leads north to a Travelers' Rest encampment, whilst the route to the tower is along the rightmost fork. Then traverse the Pastona Cavern and Smugglers' Pass to reach Cutlass Cape and the tower.



Random items found scattered around the tower including Light-Cure, Interventive, Dose of Courage, Panacea, and various Coin Pouches. There is an Ore deposit on a lower walkway below the outer ruins which yields rare ores including Fuligin Ore. Furthermore, the only Ore Deposits in Gransys where Alluvial Yore-Ore can be mined are found here - care should be taken when using indirect mining methods as ore released here has a tendency to drop into the water below.

On the upper tower platform will be found a Portcrystal between the two chests. There are also Coin Pouches here, totalling 46,100 Gold, and some Bladeleaves.

There are five Seeker's Tokens to be found here, two are on ledges near the first Griffin statue on the left, another at the corner edge of the circular walkway round the main tower (after the locked door), and a fourth is found atop a high column, far above the first two.

There's also a Ferrystone lying on ground, on edge of the rooftop, near the place where Salomet falls during The Wyrmking's Ring.

Map Chest Loot
Bluemoon final 1 Bespoke Longbow, Chimeric Sabatons, Silver Ring, Vigor Extract, Serenity Extract, Large Coin Pouch
2 Master's Merle, Iron Bandings, Peppermint Seed, Interventive, Large Coin Pouch

A Weapon Pile on the bridge nearby may yield Blessed Vest, Rusted Daggers, Silver Ring, Foreign Knife

3 Silver Chestplate, Trooper Outfit, Jewel of Health
4 Fluted Bow, Hunter's Bow, Assailant's Bracers, Gryphic Gauntlets
5 Crescending Roar, Anchor to Heaven
6 Grand Surcoat, Gryphic Gauntlets, Jewel of Endurance
7 Twilight Hood, Plated Coat
8 Vouge Daggers, Gryphic Helm, Violet Ring
9 Assassin's Breeches, Gryphic Greaves, Griffin Strategy Vol. 2
10 Red Leather Armor, Rex Lion Padding, Golem Strategy Vol. 2
11 Gryphic Cloak, Harpy Cloak
12 Blast Arrow, Goddess Cameo, Throwblast, Salubrious Brew, Giant Coin Pouch
13 Morgenstern, Fiery Talon, Divine Axis
14 Sectional Iron Plate, Chimeric Half Plate, Jewel of Health
15 Iris Ring, Nimble Earring, Chimera Strategy Vol. 2
16 Gryphic Armor
17 Assassin's Mask, Lion-Lord's Helm
18 Salubrious Brew, Harspud Sauce.

A Weapon Pile next door, behind the wall, may yield: Twilight Hood, Blast Arrow, Rusted Daggers.

Other loot
On first entering Bluemoon Tower, there are two Weapon Piles along the bridge:

There are three Weapon piles at the uppermost circular platform:

† For ways to reach the chest see Chimera Strategy Vol. 2 § Walkthrough
‡ Aerial chest - above the path atop columns


Pawn Chatter

"Mankind does love to build towers.  Tis like they pursue their Maker's own vantage..."
"Looks more a ritual hall than a rooftop, this."
"The floor is crumbled... 'Tis treacherous going."

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  • A Riftstone is placed next to the Bluemoon Tower's entrance.
  • On first travelling to the tower consider bringing three Skeleton Keys to open the Smugglers' Pass treasure chests, which are located on the route to the tower.
  • It is a long walk to the Bluemoon Tower. The Travelers' Rest encampment under the Blighted Manse is nearby approximately halfway along the route, and may be useful.
  • Though the outer curved path beyond the initially locked door would be accessible by a long jump or harpy ride from the broken walls in the first part of the tower, an invisible wall prevents this. This may be to avoid 'continuity' issues during Griffin's Bane if the gates were opened prematurely.
  • If the locked gate on the route to the top of the tower was not opened during Griffin's Bane, the only way up to the summit is through the barred door leading to the left hand set of staircases (or see § Exploits and Glitches).

Exploits and Glitches

  • (Exploit) It is possible to reach the top of the tower early. Facing the main structure from the tower base, take a harpy to the top of the ruined wall closest to the building. Grab the harpy once again and immediately direct it towards the tower. With a bit of luck and practice, the tower is reachable. The enemies that would normally spawn after the defeat of the griffin will appear as the Arisen nears the tower.
  • Note there is an alternative way from the way opposite to the section of walkway where the Griffin is first encountered in the tower - this seems to be blocked by an invisible wall - the reverse way - that is - from the walkway to the lower steps of the tower is not blocked.
    • If one flies a harpy far enough towards the gated circular walkway, and falls into the water, the Arisen will return land on the circular walkway where the Griffin is encountered. Starting from the westernmost tower is one starting point.
  • (Glitch) It is possible to glitch through the first locked door (Griffin quest door) using Sunflare - move up to the door, and keep a forward motion, then use sunflare - it is easy to glitch through the stones above the door.
    • (Exploit) This glitch allows the first two gates to be broken prematurely before Griffin's Bane is started.
    • The third gate can be flow over if a harpy can be lured there.
  • (Glitch) The upper arcades of the tower summit (where Harpies roost) is accessible, via a jump from a flying creature such as a Griffin. Though this area can be stood on the display may glitch. Similarly riding a harpy above the platform arches from where Skeleton Mages spam spells causes graphical glitches (disappearing structures)


800px-Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Tower of Babel (Vienna) - Google Art Project

The Tower of Babel by Peter Bruegel the Elder (15th century)

  • The tower is vaguely similar to some medieval Northern European (Dutch, Flemish) imaginings of the Tower of Babel (See Wikimedia:Tower of Babel in paintings) In the biblical story of the tower the builders are cursed by God, forced to speak different languages for their arrogance - this biblical confusion is vaguely mirrored in what Pawns say of the tower - "'Tis written that this tower was built long, long ago, at a lord's behest. No accounts remain of why, however. None know what purpose it served."
  • There are three large man-made structures in Gransys, of obvious non-military use, of which the origins are unknown or uncertain. The other two are The Watergod's Altar, and the Catacombs, which, according to pawns, were built for the water and earth gods respectively. It is possible that the Bluemoon Tower is the third, and it would have been likely to have been built in honour of the air or sky god. The symbolism is obvious: the Bluemoon Tower is decorated with statues of winged beasts, and has an elevated position making access to clear skies easy for those with the ability of flight.


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