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The Blighted Manse is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


Once a popular location for nobility, this castle has fallen into disuse. It remains closely guarded, however - the front entrance to the Manse is guarded by Ser Whitby, Ser Ethen, and Ser Josiah, whilst the rear entrance is locked from outside.

The Manse consists of two main areas, the castle itself, and the underground sewers leading to the rear entrance. A locked door between the two areas requires the Manse Key.

One cannot enter the Manse front entrance without a Set of Royal Guard Armor - usually obtained as part of the quest Duchess In Distress. The rear entrance is closed until after the same quest.


Mystik knight guard 1-002

Two mystic knight skilled guards, one dead, the other fleeing, during the quest Duchess In Distress

During Duchess In Distress, the Manse itself is patrolled by Soldiers, whilst the sewers are home to Bandits.

The patrolling guards are Ser Ross, Ser Tyrone, Ser Dorgann, Ser Kain, and Ser Curtis. Each wears Gran Soren armor and shield and carries a broadsword. If the alarm is raised, further soldiers trained in Mystic Knight skills will arrive - the soldiers are equipped with Knight's Honor and Steel Beak or a form of Ironclad Staff.

After Duchess In Distress, the Manse becomes infested with Specters and Goblins, and Bandits still lurk in the sewers; prior to it, the Manse is empty.


The portion of the Manse above ground contains a lot of kindling and Wood Bundles plus other minor items and potions around the walls and in crates. An upper floor guard room contains substantial Gold, chests, an Airtight Flask, and other items.

A gather spot in the Receiving Room (Aelinore's bedroom) almost always gives Silk Lingerie (otherwise Clean Cloth) and a book pile gather spot in the same room may give a Hydra Tactics scroll.

At night the Wood Bundles here may contain Jewel of Silence, Jewel of Darkness, Jewel of Time, Large, or Giant Coin Pouches - by day they only contain Kindling.

In the sewers is plenty of Gold, Imperial Acid and fabrics like Argence and Silk are fairly common. Also, Golden Egg and plenty of Giant Rotten Fish and Apples may be found on the bottom levels.

Gather spots in stacks of hay may give Large Mushroom.

The mushroom Droughtshroom is unique here. Ore deposits are nearly absent, with only two mining spots throughout.

Map Chest Loot
Sewers 1 Giant Coin Pouch, War Bugle, Sight Earring, Free-Spoken Earring, Snakeskin Purse, Argence
2 Salubrious Brew, Giant Coin Pouch, Wool Cloth, Silk
3 Balmy Incense, Evil Eye Strategy Vol. 1, Interventive, Ring of Argent, Ring of Sable
4 Throwblast, Placative Brew, Shackle, Royal Banner, Snakeskin Purse
5 Silk, Wool Cloth, Jade Bangles, Argence, Rooted Gloom
6 Raptor Cuisses (100%)
7 Liquid Vim, Mage's Talisman, Staminal Drench, Balmy Incense, Rousing Incense
8 Red Over-Knee Boots (100%)
9 Panacea, Silk, Royal Banner, Shackle, Giant Coin Pouch
10 Summery Cowl, Summery Pareo
11 Maiden's Petticoat, Maiden's Camisole
12 Brown Laced Leggings, Interventive, Alchemickal Hosen, Argence, Balmy Incense
13 Plucked Heart (100%)
14 Bardiche Daggers, Bastard Sword, Cast Stone
15 Liberating Brew, Balmy Incense, Snakeskin Purse, Giant Coin Pouch
16 Striker's Greaves (common), Assailant's Bracers
17 Balmy Incense, Harspud Sauce
18 Balmy Incense, Silk, Wool Cloth, Bottled Haste, Harspud Sauce

A Weapon Pile may give Rusted Daggers, or rarely Snagdaggers or Harpy Cloak

19 Giant Coin Pouch, Wool Cloth, War Bugle, Secret Softener, Jewel of Darkness
20 Lady's Corset (common), Noblewoman's Corset
21 Silk, Light-Cure, Giant Coin Pouch, Jewel of Petrifaction
22 Recluse's Robe (100%)
Manse 23 Balmy Incense (100%)

Weapon Piles:

24 Giant Coin Pouch, Harspud Sauce, Argence, Isometricine, Jewel of Sleep

Weapon Piles


Pawn Travel Knowledge[]

  • All 3 knowledge flags for The Blighted Manse are found in the Sewers. It is not required to visit the Manse proper.
  • A knowledge flag can be unlocked in the central portion of the sewers. Visit the large open room beyond where pawns rejoin your side in the quest Duchess In Distress.
  • Another knowledge flag is unlocked upon backtracking to the first large weak bridge.
  • The last knowledge flag is triggered upon backtracking even further to the small, partially decayed bridge near to where the Sewers were first accessed.


Maurin :

"Time was, the duke would hold the most fantastic balls at the manse... But that was back when His Grace was...of a healthier temperament."
"There was even a time, you know, I spent my nights at the manse, stealing kisses from a nobleman's daughter. There's a secret corridor to the place, you see. Just the thing for late-night mischief."

Ser Whitby :

"My days and nights are spent watching over the Blighted Manse. Built by the previous duke to entertain his court of visiting dignitaries, the Manse was his most prized fortress. As a guard, this job is a quiet one. We are surrounded by woodland and harsh mountains to protect from danger, and since it stays unseasonably cool during the summers, we used to play host to the vacations of the Royal Family. However, now, due to the dark times, The Manse is a shadow of its former self. I'm not sure why it requires such security without visitors, perhaps some family secrets remain inside." (The Blighted Manse, Capcom via YouTube)

Pawn Chatter[]

"I do dearly miss the sun..." "Best not place too much weight on it."


  • The Manse keep is accessible at any time via the front door, if one has a Set of Royal Guard Armor equipped.
    • To access the sewers, a copy of the Manse Key is required; however, the key will not unlock the door until the quest Duchess In Distress (presumably for continuity issues).
  • After Duchess In Distress, the back entrance becomes unlocked, whether or not the quest was failed.
  • Once the alarm is raised during the quest Duchess In Distress, Mystic Knight-trained guards will appear - together with Skeleton Lords they are the only example of such skill using non-Arisen characters encountered in Gransys.
  • As with The Catacombs and Dripstone Cave, the correlation between underground and overground geography is very vague - whilst the Manse's rear exit is almost due south within and underground, overground it is to the northwest. Furthermore, though the Manse's main gate is entered from the west, once inside one must travel back west to go further into the Manse.

Entering without the disguise[]

Blighted Manse Ice Block entry

An ice block left by casting Frigor

  • (Glitch) (Exploit) It is possible to enter through the front entrance by using Frigor instead :
    1. An ice block can be created next to the entrance, by aiming Frigor to the left or right corners of the gate.
    2. Then you can jump from the sides of the bridge and levitate onto the ice block. Ser Whitby won't try to stop you whilst in the air, or upon the block itself.
    3. You can then Enter the Manse while the Ice Block remains. But dropping to the floor will allow Ser Whitby to turn you away.