Tenfold Flurry is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Sixfold Arrow that fires ten arrows in rapid succession instead of six."

An advanced version of Sixfold Arrow.


  • Fires 10 arrows to roughly the same location, the further away the less arrows that will hit the target.
  • Can be used with Blast Arrows to produce massive damage.
  • A formidable skill from medium to short range.
    Tenfold Flurry vs Griffin

    Tenfold Flurry vs Griffin.-0

    In this demonstration, the Arisen is wielding a Goldforged Revenant Wail with 2 strength rings. Two Tenfold Flurries are unleashed with 20 Blast Arrows, which quickly slays the Griffin.

  • Drains stamina quickly at 150 stamina per shot, so be judicious when spamming this skill.
  • One of the most efficient ways to shoot the Ur- Dragon's wings.
  • Using a Liquid Vim allows for a continuous flurry of arrows for 60 seconds with no stamina expenditure.


  • notching
  • holding
  • splashed against a rock
  • uninhibited
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