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Teleporting or Fast Travel, is a method of traveling in Dragon's Dogma. It is used to quickly "teleport" the Arisen and their party to any placed Portcrystal via Ferrystone. The travel takes place almost instantaneously in real world time through a loading screen and is NOT affected by time in game.

As of Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, fast traveling can also be done via Olra who can be found at Night in Cassardis and will ferry players to the dreaded Bitterblack Isle.


The fast travel cannot be done while in any of the following conditions:

Using Fast Traveling


Fast traveling requires the use of a Ferrystone and must be carried by the player. Simply select the Ferrystone from the player's inventory screen and a map with possible travel locations will appear. Only locations that have either a placed Portcrystal or a Permanent Portcrystal are viable fast travel locations.

  • Please refer to the Portcrystal page for more information and Portcrystal locations.

Please keep in mind that Ferrystones are one-time use items unless an Eternal Ferrystone is used.

Port Crystal.png

Portcrystals, on the other hand, can be picked up and placed again an unlimited amount of times. During New Game Plus, the player can buy an infinite amount of Portcrystals from Mountebank at the Black Cat and are priced at 200,000 G each. A maximum of ten Portcrystals can be placed at a time. After the ten are placed, Portcrystals will need to be moved them around in order to choose different locations. Permanent Portcrystals do not count towards this limit.