Tarring is a debilitation in Dragon's Dogma when a character is covered in oil.


Tarring increases the chance of catching fire and doubles the damage of the initial Fire-based hit.

Goblins may throw oil flasks to cause tarring, also an Evil Eye's beam attack and the spit of both Geo Saurians and Gorechimera snake heads are able to inflict it.

Oil Arrows, Flasks of Oil and any Aneled weapon can be used to inflict Tarring on enemies. Combined with a Fire enchanted weapon or spell, one can easily set an oiled target on fire.

For most humans and creatures, being tarred causes their clothes or skins to be covered in a dark or blackish oil like substance. This effect is most noticeable on a tarred Cyclops, as only the body part that got hit will change color.

Tarring lasts approximately 90 seconds and can be removed with an Absorbent Rag and Panacea or by any spell or item that grants Impervious. Being caught on fire removes the Tarring status, as does being Frozen and Drenched in water.


  • The higher the enhancement of an Aneled weapon, the higher the chance it will inflict the debilitation.
  • As with most debilitations, Tarring has a timer that starts once the target is afflicted. For bow wielders, using Oil Arrows can keep an enemy continually tarred until they get hit with Fire.
  • Aneled Weapons are especially effective against all Wolf type creatures including Garm and Hellhounds as they will attempt to shake off the oil from their hides, during which time they are vulnerable to attacks.



  • Equipping a lit Lantern while being covered in oil also causes Burning.
  • The Shed Cape is stated to mitigate tarring (and drenching), but this is not reflected in stats - this item protects against some forms of wetting such as from Saurian and Sulfur Saurian spit, but not from falls in water. It covers an item with negative drenched and tarred resistance, the Surcoat, when worn as part of the Plain Surcoat Set.
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