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Talent in Bloom is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Quina asks you deliver her Blessed Flower to others, that she may prove her potency as a healer and earn passage to the Grand Cathedral."

Give Quina's Blessed Flower to someone who can appreciate her work to further her desire to be admitted to the Grand Cathedral in Auldring. The flower must be gifted afore it wilts.


This quest becomes available after meeting with the Duke in the quest Come to Court, and becomes defunct after the quest Reward and Responsibility is done.


Talent in Bloom (quest walkthrough)

After meeting the Duke, travel to the Abbey and speak with Quina. When she hands over the Blessed Flower, the Arisen can immediately give it back to her to complete the quest. The Blessed Flower is a rare item granting weal for an entire in-game day (then the flower dies). So consider duplicating the Blessed Flower before completing the quest.

Speaking to Quina at The Abbey in the Wilted Forest will begin this quest. Quina will request that the Arisen shows the Blessed Flower to another in order to prove her skill as a healer, and demonstrate her devotion to The Faith.

A number of people can be gifted the flower to complete including Quina herself. Any high-ranking official member of the Faith will do; Geffrey at Gran Soren Cathedral is most appropriate, and Clemente at the Village Chapel in Cassardis also has contact with the mainland.

Once the flower has been gifted, return to Quina to tell of how her offering was received.



"Is... Is this one of Quina's flowers? No, surely not. To imbue the bloom with such energy, after such a short time... 'Tis enough to make me doubt my senses. Pray, have the priest in Gran Soren or Cassardis take a look. In truth, she may yet pass the Great Cathedral's gates earlier than not."


"Sweet Quina is so diligent in her studies. I pray the Maker guide her on to ever greater things."


"She trains in the blessing of flowers, does she? Then she bears the gift of a healer! How wonderful. I should like to see her handiwork. One look at such a flower is enough to glean the power of they who blessed it. "

"This is Quina's, then...? How marvelous! It would seem she is gifted indeed. Pehaps it will not be so long before the Mother Superior writes the mainland on Quina's behalf... To think on it gives me joy. It was Maker's hand guided her here to our church, I know it."


"Blessed flowers? Ah, of course. I've seen her handiwork as a healer myself. Novice though I may be, I am a priest of the Faith. Were I to inspect a blossom she blessed, I should be able to judge the extent of her talent."

"Maker's breath! ...Er, pardon. Still, 'tis more than I'd imagined. She truly harbors a gift. She was ever eager to put her healing skills to use on you, Arisen... But with proper training, her abilities will grow to be a force of mercy and hope for the Faith and all its children."

Pawn Chatter[]

"Best we gift Quina's flower soon, master."

" 'Tis a grand thing to bring joy to others."


  • Quina can be gifted the flower herself, though she says this won't help her training. Your pawn also will not gain the third star of quest knowledge. It does however complete the quest.
    • If Quina has high Affinity before being gifted the flower, she will comment on how her happiness at being gifted the flower does not stem from the flower itself.
  • The subsequent quest A Parting Gift becomes available soon after bringing about a successful conclusion to this quest. It will initiate on returning to the Abbey (includes entering and exiting via the nearby Riftstone).