Tagilus's Miracle is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A medicine favored by the renowned gladiator Tagilus Magnusson. Use it to boost Strength for a time. Affects a group. Boosts Strength."

Causes Strength Boosted for the entire party for one minute.

Rarely found in chests throughout Gransys, more commonly in chests in The Everfall (Post-Dragon). Dropped by Eliminators. Alternatively can be stolen from Cyclopes, ChimerasGorechimeras, Wolves or Direwolves with the Master Thief skill.

Sold by MathiasAkim and Fournival, who has an unlimited stock.


3 Star Enhancement


Product of

Item Item Product
Ember Crystal + Verdigris Concoction = Tagilus's Miracle


  • Can be stacked up to four times (multiplicative) with other strength boosts, including more of the same potion.
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