Swordsman Armor Set is armor available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Armor of thick layers of steel plate. Its protection is first rate, yet still offers ample maneuverability."

A good quality set with resistances almost equivalent to some heavy armors, at half their weight.

The Torso Armor is intended for Fighters, Warriors and Mystic Knights. The Bracers and Greaves can also be worn by Striders, Rangers and Magick Archers. The Shirt, Pants, and Mantle can be worn by any Vocation.


Set Pieces

Usable By

DDicon fighterStriderNMageN AssassinNMagicarcherNDDicon magicknight DDicon warriorRangerNSorcererN


Stars 0t
Stars 1t
Stars 2t
Stars 3t
DFIcon SRIcon GRIcon
N/A 18,030 G 56,060 G
Lodestone x5
Destiny Grass x5
Foreign Knife x3
Southron Iron x5
Wolf Pelt x5
Scrap Iron x5
172,900 G
Fuligin Ore x3
Hellhound Pelt x13
Dappled Ore x4
Inky Saurian Skin x7
Black Hydra Scale x3
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4,250 RC
Diamond x9
Lizardscale Pelt x4
Warmonger's Horn x3
Sinister Hide x1
Septiscopic Crystal x2
9,500 RC
Ox Horn x2
Sinister Hide x5
Fae-Silver Plate x1
Ironblack Pelt x3
Violet Carapace x2
Defense 175 188 200 227 261 306 362
Magick Defense 31 37 41 48 62 101 143
Piercing Resist 9% 9% 15% 15% 21% 23% 27%
Striking Resist 4% 4% 4% 4% 8% 10% 14%
Stagger Resist 48% 48% 48% 51% 55% 58% 63%
Knockdown Resist 44% 44% 44% 47% 51% 54% 59%
Elemental Resist Holy -14%
Dark +11%
Holy -14%
Dark +11%
Holy -14%
Dark +18%
Holy -6%
Dark +25%
Holy -1%
Dark +37%
Dark +43% Dark +61%
Debilitation Resist Skill Stifling +40%
Lowered Str +60%
Skill Stifling +40%
Lowered Str +60%
Skill Stifling +80%
Lowered Str +60%
Skill Stifling +111%
Lowered Str +120%
Skill Stifling +151%
Lowered Str +180%
Skill Stifling +151%
Lowered Str +180%
Skill Stifling +191%
Lowered Str +240%
Weight 9.21 9.21 8.5 7.59 6.71 6.71 6.71
+ 15 Strength


  • The Swordsman Armor Set is a tribute to and based on the Golden Age armor of the character Guts, the protagonist of Berserk, the epic action-fantasy manga by Kentaro Miura.
  • For completion of the set, the longsword Thousandlimbs resembles the weapon Guts used during the Golden Age Arc.
  • The set is unusual in that the right hand is unprotected relative to the left, in contrast to other armors in the game where the opposite is true - this means that when worn with sword and shield the shield hand is twice protected, whilst the exposed sword hand is bare.
  • The base add to Strength from this armor set is an additional +15, which can be increased if strength-multiplying augments are equipped on the character.
  • The Swordsman Armor Set is not the only reference to the Berserk manga. Griffith's Armor set also makes an appearance in the game as the White Hawk Armor Set.

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