Sunflare is a Fire based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Sunburst that creates an even larger pillar of flame as both blades are plunged into the earth."

An advanced version of Sunburst with more power, and a greater fire effect.

Usage and tactics

  • Inflicts both physical and magic (fire) damage (primarily magic damage), around ten times that of the physical attack.
  • Even jumping first before using Sunflare does not increase damage output with the Eminence augment, because the spell is cast on landing.
  • Sunflare will not inflict debilitations with Rusted, Golden, or Aneled daggers.
  • Has a very high Stagger rate.
  • Enemies can "grab" the Arisen out of the Sunflare animation.
  • Can be executed in mid-air in order to jump higher and farther than Levitate (possibly twice or more, if Instant Reset is used mid-air after the first Sunflare). For best effect use a well timed Double Vault first before using Sunflare, as demonstrated below.


(Video) Both Sunflare and Instant Reset are equipped. The video demonstrates a simple Sunflare following a Double Vault, a Double Vault and Sunflare combination terminating with Instant Reset resulting in a soft landing, and a sextuple leap where four Sunflares are strung together following a Double Vault. The last demonstration uses a final Instant Reset for a soft finish. The video concludes with a practical demonstration. A large gap in the northwest corner of the second floor of the Bitterblack Pier area is crossed using a quadruple jump--a double vault followed by two Sunflares and terminating in a hard landing. The purpose of the jump is to gain access to the third floor of Bitterblack Isle:


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