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Strength is a primary Stat representing physical power. Strength is used when calculating damage from melee weapons, shortbows, and longbows. The ability to withstand attacks based on strength is represented by Defense.

General offense

Offensive Statuses in the Offense section of the Status menu - total strength 674, character strength 220. Weapon is 1* Gryphic Victory (STR 393),and Vehemence (+10% STR) is equipped giving (207+393)*1.1=674.3 total


Copy of general equipment stats

Strength as shown in the equipment menu. The Warrior has no secondary weapon, so the second Strength figure shows the character's strength plus the effect of any augments or other boosts - in this case a +10% STR boost from Vehemence with a character strength of 220

Strength represents the physical damage the character inflicts. There are two sets of strength figures shown in game: The character strength which is due only to the character's innate (naked) strength; and a cumulative figure which includes bonuses from augments, special rings, and other equipment - most notably the strength of the weapon.

There are usually two cumulative strengths, one each for the right and left hand. Each takes only the addition of the weapon, bow, or shield equipped on that hand.

Strength growth with level is highest, in order, by leveling as Assassin, Warrior, Fighter, and Ranger, with Strider having average growth and all other vocations below average growth.


The augment strength boosts are multiplied, e.g. Vehemence (+10%) = 1.1x, Clout (+20%) = 1.2x, Eminence (+30% if jumping) = 1.3x - if all three are active, the boost is over 1.7x (or +70%); greater than the additive value which would be only 60%. The multiplier is applied to both character and weapon strengths, as well as any ring or equipment boosts.

In Dark Arisen a limit to strength boosts was applied at 1.8x (+80%) - if total strength boosts from augments exceed this the boost will be capped at 1.8x. Boosts from ferocity and eminence will be wasted if the cap is already exceeded.

Augment Description Unlocked by Vocation
Vehemence Increases strength by 10% Fighter
Clout Increases strength by 20% Warrior
Exhilaration Increases strength by 50% (35% Dark Arisen) at Critical Health Fighter
Bloodlust Increases strength by 70% (20% Dark Arisen) at night Assassin
Autonomy Increases strength by 70% (20% Dark Arisen) if alone Assassin
Ferocity Increases strength by 10% when you perform a Core Skill Warrior
Opportunism Increases strength by 20% while clinging to an enemy Secret Augments
Eminence Increases strength by 30% when you are in the air during jump or fall Strider
Retribution 20% strength increase for revived companions for 1 minute Mystic Knight

Character Strength[]

See also: Core Stats

Character Strength, also known as core Strength, is a person's innate strength, such as when naked and unarmed.

For a physical (melee) attack character, weapon, and equipment strength usually contributed equally to the attack power.

In the case of spells - character strength does not generally contribute to spell power. However there are exceptions: the mixed physical and magickal effect when a Mystic Knight perfect blocks with and enchanted shield; and when a spell has a physical component of itself - such spells are only available to Sorcerers.

A Warrior's attacks usually depend slightly more on character strength, than their weapon power and equipment, but only by a small amount.

Equipment Strength[]

The contribution to total strength from weapons is added separately for left and right handed weapons. Boosts from equipment, rings, and headgear is added to both left and right hand total strength.


  • The highest legitimate character Strength by level 200 is 956 for Arisen and 766 for Pawns. In both cases, this is achieved by leveling as a Fighter from 1-10. Arisen can then level as an Assassin from 11-200, while Pawns can only level as a Warrior or Ranger from 11-200.
  • The lowest legitimate character Strength by level 200 is 258 for Arisen and Pawns. This is achieved by leveling as a Mage from 1-10, then Mage, Sorcerer, Mystic Knight, or Magick Archer from 11-100, then Mage or Sorcerer from 101-200.
  • Periapts, potions, and skills that cause the Invigoration of Strength Boosted increase physical attack power, but the actual value added is not shown in any menu; the stat figures don't change.
  • The effects of strength boosting augments are shown in totals in the menus.
    • Some of these augment effects only activate under certain conditions, depending on the character's environment, state of health, or even the selected skill.
    • Eminence increases the total strength by 30% (1.3x) when the character is in the air. Pausing whilst jumping can be used to verify this.
  • The weapon Iraklis multiplies or diminishes weapon and accessory strength, depending on whether its strikes inflict a Critical Hit or not.
  • Sometimes also referred to as Attack, and may be abbreviated to STR or ATT.

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