Stone Forest is a Fire based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Stone Grove. Channels magick into the earth, causing powerful pillars of stone to erupt around the user."

An advanced version of Stone Grove. Upgrades to Stone Jungle with the relevant Mystic Knight's Band equipped.


  • All Stone spells deal fire-based magick damage scaling off the caster's total Magick, plus additional physical damage scaling off only the caster's weapon Strength.
  • After a medium-length incantation, the Mystic Knight thrusts the sword into the ground and deals heavy damage in a few metres' radius surrounding them. Can lift enemies off the ground, knocking them down, and may also inflict Burning.
  • This ability is especially useful against slow-moving large enemies.  
  • Smaller, fast-moving enemies can be a challenge to hit due to the delay during casting, but it can kill them outright; thus this ability requires caution and planning to use properly.
  • If timed well it is useful to down swooping dragons.
  • Equipping the augment Articulacy and using the Wyrmking's Ring will speed up this spell's casting time.
  • Similar in appearance to the Sorcerer spells akin to High Seism, though High Seism is a holy-based spell and Stone Forest is fire-based. The Seism-based spells take much longer to cast.