Steel Nut Salve is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A mixture derived from a great seed with the hardest shell in all of nature. Use it to improve Defenses for a time."

Causes Defenses Boosted for the entire party for one minute.

May be found in chests in various Gransys locations, including those in the Ancient Quarry and Northface Forest. Can be stolen from Gorechimeras or Saurians using Master Thief.

Also sold by Mathias, Akim and by Fournival who has an unlimited stock.


3 Star Enhancement


Product of

Item Item Product
Spiny Nut + Verdigris Concoction = Steel Nut Salve


  • Can be stacked with other defense boosting items including more Steel Nut Salve up to four times (multiplicative).


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