Status Effects are temporary effects that modify a creature's or person's wellbeing, constitution, attack and defensive powers, or luck over a short period of time.


There are two types of status effect - negative ones called Debilitations, and positive ones called Invigorations.

The Arisen, Pawns, other allies, and most foes both human and inhuman can be debilitated. Generally only allies show invigorations, though some circumstances may boost enemies.

Almost all effects are temporary, last from around thirty seconds to a few minutes maximum.


Status effects inventory

(Inventory) Up to 14 status effects can be shown in the inventory display - if more are present, they can be seen in the Status Menu.

Active status effects are listed for each party member under the "Condition" tab of the "Status" section in the Pause Menu, and are also indicated by icons next to the health bar in-game and in the inventory screen.

The health bar icon display only shows one Invigoration and one Debilitation at a time, and cycles through those present. Furthermore, many status effects give the recipient or afflicted a vague body glow or shimmer - usually white or light colored for positive effects and darkish, usually purply for debilitations.

Some foes can be invigorated, such as Goblins in the presence of a hornblower, these effects are not displayed in game by any icon, or other indication.


  • The status effect thundershock is not indicated by an icon in the status screen or next to the health bar.
  • Invigoration icons are shown in white, whilst debilitations are in red.