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An example of a character's stats.

Stats are numerical values representing a character's physical and magickal abilities - they primarily represent ability in battle, and can affect some other physical activities such as running.


Primary stats[]

There are six primary stats inherent to a character :

As the Arisen and pawn gain levels all primary stats increase, with the amount dependent on Vocation - for details see Stat Growths.

There are other character stats, notably Character Weight and Character Height, which are derived from the character creation, mostly from height, musculature, and fatness - these which influence a number of factors including mobility, encumbrance and reach.

A character's Vocation affects Stat Growths when leveling up - everytime the Arisen or Pawn level up, they gain 5 to 40 points in Health and Stamina, and between 0 and 6 points in the four offensive and defensive stats. Stat growth is greatest up to level 100, after which stat increases per level are reduced to somewhere between a half to a third of the previous growth.

Secondary stats[]

Near naked offense stats

An un-weaponed character has stagger and knockdown of 100. Their calculated strength (242) differs only from the character strength (220) by the addition of a 10% increase from the augment Vehemence

Near naked defense

An unarmored character has stagger, knockdown, elemental, and debilitation resistances of 0, and their calculated defenses differ from the core values by only a few points due to the Cassardi Shift and Cassardi Trousers, plus an increase in MDEF from some worn rings.

There are a number of additional stats that primarily depend on equipment and weapons. These are:

All are expressed as percentages - Knockdown, Stagger, and Debilitations appear to function as accumulative properties whose effects manifest themselves when a certain threshold is crossed - it is thought that a Knockdown or Poison Resistance of 70% means that only 30% of the knockdown or poison accumulation takes place compared to the 'naked' case. This may be a simplification - the Hellfire Armor Set reaches stagger and knockdown resistances of 112%, and has many debilitation resistances at 100% or over.

Elemental, Slashing, and Blunt resistances are thought to reduce the damage by the value of the resistance - thus an armor with slashing resistance of 30% would reduce slashing damage to 70% compared to the unarmed case.

Armor also contributes majorly to the calculated Defense, and to Magick Defense, whilst primary and secondary weapons add a contribution to Strength and or Magick, depending on whether they are physical or magickal weapons.

Some augments also add small percentages or absolute increase to the character stats (e.g. Clout +20% Strength, or Vigilance +100 Health); rings also can increase primary and secondary stats in a wide variety of ways (e.g. Iris Ring prevents frozen, or Ring of Azure +15% ice resistance); and some armors also have a small bonus effect (e.g. Circlet +4 Magick).

A naked, unarmed human has stagger and knockdown powers of 100 each, and piercing, striking, knockdown, and stagger resistances of 0.

Hidden stats[]

The ability of a shield to resist blows when blocking is not shown in menus - this stat is sometimes referred to as "stability" (or "blocking ability"). The stability stat is sometimes improved on enhancing the shield - noted in the enhancing description as "Improved Blocking Ability".

Unlike other debilitation resistances Drenched, Tarring, Burning, Frozen, and Thundershock resistances are not shown in any menu. It is not known if any equipment has Dark Critical Hit or Holy Healing resistance as a hidden effect.

The minimum level which a weapon can be used without stamina penatly - the Weapon Level Requirement is not shown in game.

Though Stagger and Knockdown power and resistances are shown in menus, the effects of certain boosting augments (like Impact) and spells (like Bracer Arrow or Spellscreen) are not shown. The effects of Vocation on stagger and knockdown resistance is not shown in a difference any stat, yet Warriors have noticeably increased resistance to being interrupted compared to other classes.

Other effects not shown in menus include attack power boosts from Strength Boosted and Magick Boosted, or similar reductions, such as from Cursed.

The ability of attacks to cause Environmental Damage appears to be unrelated to attack power, or stagger, or knockdown. Certain attacks such as those from a Warrior or using Throwblasts are much more effective than would be expected from their power or staggering ability.

Character Stats[]

See also: Core Magick, Core Strength

The character or base value of each stat is the value for a naked unarmed adventurer. In the stat menu this value is shown in brackets.

The core values are added to by contributions from the equipped weapon used, and from equipment used - stat boosting augments apply to all three contributions.

Character strength contributes to physical (melee) attacks, but generally not spells, with exceptions; whereas Character Magick contributes only to spells, and not physical attacks, even when using enchanted weapons.

Both character defenses (Defense and Magick Defense) contribute double that of equipment defense when calculating a character's overall defense. Character Magick Defense is also a factor in the amount of healing obtained from holy based attacks.

Experience and Levels[]

There are two experience measuring stats:

Experience points are awarded automatically for quests and battles, and when a threshold is passed levelling up happens automatically. Typically the best way to earn experience is to take down large enemies.

Discipline points are added at the same time as experience points, as a fraction of the experience earned on a sliding scale that reduces the relative amount of discipline points earned proportionate to the experience. Discipline points level up Discipline Level (Rank) just as experience increases character level - additionally the earnt points can be spent to learn new augments and skills.

The highest level reachable is level 200 - once reached, the character's level is represented by an infinity sign (i.e. ∞). The highest discipline level is 9, and there are separate discipline levels for each vocation.

Stat Calculator[]

Many players plan their Arisen's and/or their Pawn's stat growth. The following stat calculators can help determine the stats at various levels.


  • Dragon's Dogma Stat Calculator
    • In order to use it, please save a copy to the user's Google Drive or download the XSLX (ODS does not function correctly) file to the user's local system and then enter values as needed.
  • Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen New Build Planner
    • Google account required to access.
    • In order to use it please save a copy of the spreadsheet to your own Google Drive, download the spreadsheet as a .xlsx file (requires Microsoft Excel, may not function properly with all versions)( or send a Private Message to user Sosiego on GameFAQs to make a copy of the spreadsheet for your personal use.
    • This a full build planner that allows users to not only calculate their Arisen and Main Pawn's base stats but also see what their stats will look like with weapons, armor, clothing and stat boosting augments equipped.
    • The list of stat boosting augments does not include situational augments such as Autonomy, Bloodlust or Opportunism. ATK/MATK values for having those augments equipped will need to be manually calculated.
    • Known bugs: Equipment not being selectable due to the sheet thinking no vocation has been selected. Simply hitting ESC and then trying again fixes the issue.

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