Staff-Bearer's Ring (DL) is a jewelry piece available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


This item enhances the following weapon skills: Ingle or High Ingle to Grand Ingle.

Obtained by purchasing the Mage's Ring Set, a DLC for the PS3/Xbox360 versions of Dark Arisen.

Included in the PC, PS4, and XONE versions of the game.

Usable By

Defenses +1
Magick Defenses +1

FighterNStriderNDDicon mage AssassinNDDicon magicarcherDDicon magicknight WarriorNRangerNDDicon sorcerer


  • The item is incorrectly named "Staff-Bearer's Ring (DL)" forgetting the letter C between parentheses.
  • This item cannot be obtained from The Black Cat.
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