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Speed Run Mode is one of the two feature modes introduced by the DLC Challenge Pack: A Trial for Adventurers. This DLC is included in the base Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen game.



Set of Caretaker's Garb

Speed Run mode is a time challenge mode in which the aim is to complete the game in the shortest possible time. A previous save game including all earned items, skills and character development, can be used to initiate a speedrun.

Successfully completing speed run mode (regardless of the player's finishing time) earns a Forest Tunic Set and a Set of Caretaker's Garb as rewards.

Items used during the speedrun are not deducted from the player's main save, encouraging unsparing use of the Arisen's accumulated potions, periapts, Blast Arrows, and so on.

Once completed the previous game will restart from the position reached at the time the speed mode run was started - progress is not lost, but a Hard Mode game will restart in a normal difficulty setting.

Warning! Death during a speedrun terminates the attempt - there are no retries. Wakestone revives are allowed.

Speedrun Walkthrough[]

The tips below provide suggestions to help complete the speedrun in under an hour. Major spoilers are displayed in the content.

Based on User:Kraissant's Dragon's Dogma Speedrun Route 2.0


Before beginning, it would be very useful to have these items in the inventory (but not required):

Before beginning, make sure Portcrystals are placed in all the key story locations. The player will need to teleport (at least) 11 times for maximum speed. For this Speedrun place them at :

Other considerations[]

  • Don't waste time picking up any Gold or loot! Nothing obtained during a Speedrun is carried over to the main save file.


  1. Begin! Run directly into The Dragon's Breath to cut short the fight (Alternatively instead of attacking, run away back towards Pablos' Inn)
  2. Run past Reynard to the Encampment.
  3. Speak to Ecbal in the tent to retrieve all items and equipment need. Distribute all the items and equipment to pawns later. The timer is frozen while the player is looking at menus and inventory, so take the time to get everything prepared properly. Ensure all augments and skills are equipped.
  4. Interact with the Riftstone. Exit the Encampment's eastern gate. Slay the Cyclops (Call of the Arisen, Battle #1).
  5. Interact with the Riftstone again to retrieve the Main Pawn.
    • Two more pawns may be recruited at this point, but are not needed outside battle. If the potentially quicker Gorechimera tactic for opening the door to the Dragon is used it will only add extra time to hire and later dismiss pawns.
  6. Ignore Ser Berne's training by walking past him to go out the gate and speak to Ecbal again to retrieve the Main Pawn's equipment and skill loadout.
    • The main pawn can be used to carry equipment and quest items such as Altar Slates, Blast Arrows, and additional curatives. Their encumbrance will not affect the Arisen.
  7. Speak to Mercedes for the first time. Sleep. Slay the Hydra (Battle #2). Exit and run to The Mountain Waycastle (Off With Its Head).
  8. Speak to Mercedes again to begin the ox cart escort.
  9. Kick the ox ([interact] button) to make it move quickly, and use Group health curatives to heal it when its health gets low; the ox cannot die, but if it sustains too much damage, it will move slower. (Arrival time should be ~7 minutes into the speed run optimally)
  10. In Gran Soren, speak to Asalam at the Inn, then Ser Camillus guarding the Pawn Guild, then Barnaby at the Pawn Guild to begin Lure of the Abyss. You can also use a Ferrystone and talk to Barnaby and get the quest without talking to Asalam and Ser Camillus.
  11. In The Everfall (Pre-Dragon), jump to the bottom, die, and use a Wakestone to revive. Ignore the Portcrystal, and "examine" the center of the platform. As the Tentacles begin to sprout, use Ferrystone to teleport back up to Gran Soren.
  12. Back at the Pawn Guild, Ser Duncan issues a Wyrm Hunt License. Ignore the rest of Lure of the Abyss; it will automatically fail when you meet the Duke.
  13. Run to the Noble Quarter, speak to Ser Maximilian for the first time and accept "Decipher a text" (The Cypher), and one of either "Rout a monster infestation" (A Fortress Besieged) 'or' "Aid a research team" (The Watergod's Altar). The choice of either of the two latter quests will depend upon proper preparation for the speed run. Only accept The Watergod's Altar if the player already has 5 Altar Slates prepared. Only two of the four quests must be completed to progress the story. (A fourth choice leads to the quest Seeking Salvation which cannot be as quickly completed)
  14. (If performing The Watergod's Altar, first run over to Gran Soren Cathedral and speak to Geffrey the head priest.) Teleport to Hillfigure Knoll. Speak to The Dragonforged. Now immediately teleport to either The Watergod's Altar or The Shadow Fort for the second quest.
    1. The Watergod's Altar option : Run inside (the bridge gap can be easily crossed with a running Double Vault, else bring a copy of the Watergod's Altar Lever) and "examine" the remains of the dead priest (near the Cyclops, but ignore it) and immediately teleport back outside. Speak to the priest Haslett standing at the entrance, give him the 5 Altar Slates, to complete the quest. It is recommended to let pawns carry the slates to avoid slow run speed - the issue of pawns falling in the water should not arise if one runs straight through to the dead monk.
    2. A Fortress Besieged option: At The Shadow Fort. Run to and kill Ser Robert - you will be told to "report your defeat" but the quest will be marked as completed not failed.
      • Ser Robert can be killed at a distance using ranged attacks which may save a few seconds.[1]
      • (If killing Ser Robert personally is too much the other quest options will be much quicker.)
  15. Teleport back to Gran Soren.
  16. Speak to Ser Maximilian again and accept "Hear the Duke's directive" (Come to Court). The Wyrm Hunt License will be revoked.
  17. Enter the Duke's Demesne for the first time. After meeting the Duke, run directly to the Demesne exit and avoid the Gardens and the cutscene with Aelinore. Speak with Ser Alvert at the gate, then run back upstairs and speak to Aldous for the first time. Accept both quests: "Aid the corps on a hunting expedition" (Griffin's Bane) and "Gather evidence for an important trial" (Trial and Tribulations).
  18. Teleport to Gran Soren's main (southern) gate where Ser Georg is, and speak to him to begin the Griffin hunt. Use a ferrystone to get to the Moonshower Cliffs (or just run), grab a Spider (does not need to be dead) and throw it in the circle. Activate the Blast Arrows and four Conqueror's Periapts. Slay the Griffin and do not let it escape! (Battle #3).
    • If the Griffin ambush was portcrystaled to the battle may happen without the Soldiers arriving. A minor glitch may occur where Ser George's voice is heard despite him not being present - this does not affect progression.
  19. Teleport back to Gran Soren. Speak to Aldous to report. Sleep four days then walk out of the inn to learn of Fournival's trial verdict.
  20. Speak to Aldous to report. Accept both quests: "Recover a stolen item" (The Wyrmking's Ring) and "Assist Ser Mercedes" (Pride Before a Fall). Exit the keep and speak with Mercedes at the Demesne's main gate.
  21. Teleport to the Windbluff Tower (the Portcrystal may be placed upstairs at the tower). Interrupt the duel by slaying Julien, or simply try to leave the room during the duel. Exit the upper room and speak to Mercedes again.
  22. Teleport back to Gran Soren (One can leave as soon as the duel is settled). Report to Aldous.
  23. Whilst with Aldous give him the Wyrmking's Ring Forgery to complete the other quest. Honor and Treachery should now begin.
  24. Teleport to the southern Waycastle. A guard delivers some news.
  25. Teleport back to Gran Soren. Activate the Blast Arrows and four Conqueror's Periapts, and fire long range Fivefold Flurry Blast Arrows to immediately slay the Cockatrice (Battle #4, Honor and Treachery). Depending on the entry point to the battle, speak to either Ser Alvert (by the northern gate) or Ser Camillus (near the Passage Gate) to be returned to the Demesne.
  26. For Reward and Responsibility, speak to the Duke in his Solar room upstairs. Follow the Duke to the Treasury room. (Picking up the Duke and jumping below to avoid the long walk can save time even with the inconvenience of being arrested). After the Treasury room scene, accept the Duke's quest Deny Salvation.
  27. Teleport to The Greatwall. Run inside, turn right in the fort, up the stairs, and ignore all enemies. Slay the Chimera (Battle #5) and run up to the roof. Slay the two Wights (Battle #6, Deny Salvation).
  28. After the cutscene, the party is at the bottom of the fort again. Run downstairs, past the Geo Saurians, Succubi, and Hellhounds to the Gorechimera (Battle #7).
    • Either slay the creature as quickly as possible then active the Pressure Plates (a full party of high Character Weight and heavily encumbered pawns will speed this process)
    • It is possible to progress without slaying the Gorechimera - lure it onto the Pressure Plates (the heavy creature will instantly activate them) to open the door leading to The Dragon. This luring will be easier with less or no pawns (dismiss two at the Greatwall Riftstone, the main pawn can be thrown off the cliff on the path to the Dragon).
    • (The gates should have been opened by ~14 minutes or better, optimally)
  29. After the Beloved cutscene (while the Arisen is choosing to fight or flee), the player may immediately fire the Maker's Finger at the Dragon to slay it (Battle #8, The Final Battle).
    • (Using the Maker's Finger will be quicker than fighting the Dragon conventionally)
  30. Victorious, teleport from Post-Game Cassardis back to Gran Soren. You should already have 20 Wakestones, if not, grab them now. Speak to Quince in the Everfall and give her the 20 Wakestones. Jump into the abyss.
  31. Facing the Seneschal. There are two encounters - each requiring fighting the Seneschal. Even with no health he may continue his speech. Roll or dash away for the next phase each time.
  32. Use Mad Dash, Forward Roll (or Cutting Wind, etc.) through the tunnel where the illusory characters stand (timer pauses whilst they talk, though it interrupts motion)
  33. Defeat Savan (Battle #9, Final Judgement).
  34. Use the Godsbane on Savan, then on the Arisen.
    • Alternatively Savan can be killed by other means.
  35. Speed Run complete! Good job!

Specialized techniques[]

  • In almost all cases when one needs to be at the Demesne, or to speak to Maximillian it is quickest to commit a crime, be arrested, and escape prison than running around Gran Soren.
    • When committing a crime dash rapidly towards a guard for rapid arrest (Gran Soren's gates have two guards).
    • Thus it can be quicker to teleport to just outside Gran Soren's gates, enter, get arrested and escape rather than teleporting to the Pawn Guild portcrystal.
    • On escaping using a Skeleton Key and then Ser Jakob can be bribed the guard as well which takes one rapidly to outside the Demense and very near to Ser Maximillian for the next stage.[2]
    • This technique can be used after Lure of the Abyss - ferrystoning to a portcrystal just outside Gran Soren gate - Ser Duncan will present the Wyrm Hunt License at the gate on re-entering. Then commit a crime, etc.
  • The paused timed can be exploited. For example on entering the Demesne during Come to Court one can wait with Ser Mercedes at the entrance whilst other characters continue there actions - in this case Aldous will move into position and a servant will open the main door whilst the timer is paused.[3]
    • Waiting with the paused timer can also help on machines with slower HDDs where assets (including characters) may take time to load. (For example Asalam at the Inn, or guards needed to arrest the Arisen)
  • During the Cockatrice fight if standing next to Ser Alvert one can enter dialogue to pause the timer [4] :
  1. Stand near to Ser Alvert (edge of Fields at Gran Soren's northern gate).
  2. Fire arrows at Cockatrice (blast arrow/periapts).
  3. Initiate conversation with Alvert - timer is paused but arrows continue to fly.
  4. Exit conversation and repeat the previous steps.
  5. Repeat until the Cockatrice is dead.
  6. Speak to Ser Alvert once more to be sent to Ser Aldous.
  • Skipping part of the walk with the Duke [5]:
  1. During the walk, when the duke is on the upper walkway directly above the entrance door leading to the treasury room pick him up and jump down below.
  2. Whilst falling throw him towards the door leading to the treasury.
  3. Get arrested, etc.
  • This skips a large part of the walk down the stairs, but is difficult to do.

Speed run records[]

A speed run record (for New Game Plus) of 14 minutes 38 seconds was set in 2017 ('glasnonck'). In 2022, the record time was reduced to 12 minutes 52 seconds ('HavocSpill').[6] In 2023, the record time was further reduced to 12 minutes 12 seconds, again by HavocSpill.[7]

(For new claims to be verified a full run through video should be submitted)



Forest Tunic Set

  • The player cannot save during Speed Run Mode. Speed Run Mode must be completed in a single session, although the game may be paused.
  • Sleeping at an inn or rest area will not save the game or incur any time penalty.
  • All accumulated inventory from the main game is available, including equipment, items, Gold, Ferrystones, Portcrystals, etc.
  • The Arisen and Main Pawn's level, stats, and skills are carried over from the main game save file.
  • There is a timer on the right side of the screen that counts up when the player is in control of the Arisen. The timer stops during pauses, cutscenes, when the player is in the inventory menu, and within the Rift.
  • The player cannot access online pawns; only the pre-built offline Capcom pawns may be hired. Even offline "favorites" are unavailable, so the player must search anew for pawns for every Speed Run.
  • Difficulty is set to normal and cannot be changed for the duration of the Speed Run.
  • Speed Run is completed in a self-contained world. None of the items the player obtains or uses, experience points, discipline points, or levels gained, Gold earned, or changes in affinity carry over after the Speed Run is completed.
  • The player will be awarded the two outfits for simply completing Speed Run Mode, regardless of their final completion time.
  • (Glitch) If a speed mode run is started from a main game being played in Hard Mode, once completed the earlier game will be restarted in Normal Mode from the last progress point, and not in Hard Mode. In general after completing a speed run, the game will restart one difficulty mode down from where it was prior to the speed run.



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