Sour Beast-Steak is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A Beast-steak about to turn foul. Consume it to recover a great deal of Stamina."

Restores 700 Stamina. Degrades into Rotten Beast-Steak over the course of two or more days if kept in the inventory.


Component to

Item Item Product
Sour Beast-Steak + Airtight Flask = Kept Sour Beast-Steak
Sour Beast-Steak + Pine Branch = Oil Arrow x40
Sour Beast-Steak + Small Fang = Backfat Oil
Sour Beast-Steak + Foreign Knife = Backfat Oil
Sour Beast-Steak + Scythe = Backfat Oil
Sour Beast-Steak + Hunk of Ore = Backfat Oil
Sour Beast-Steak + Elongated Claw = Backfat Oil


  • When Beast-Steaks are properly aged to Sour Beast-Steaks, they can easily sell for 5x more (1,500 Gold).
    It is considered a great way to make money early on.
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