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Solitude is a trophy/achievement available in Dragons Dogma.


"Obtained the almighty power of sovereignty."

Obtained during the quest The Final Battle by accepting The Dragon's offer. Either walk away from the Dragon or pick up and carry the Beloved to him. Doing so reveals a secondary ending to the main quest.


This ending is obtained during the quest The Final Battle by taking the Dragon's bargain and sacrificing their Beloved to become sovereign of Gransys. 

"One path to your survival lies in my defeat. Still my heart, and you stay the coming end. Another path before you... Is to offer up that which you hold most dear. Abandon all delusions of control.

For the price of a single life, I shall leave this land in peace. As my vanquisher, the duchy would bow to you. Wealth and power are sweet anodyne for heartache. You'll not gainsay my terms are more than generous. If it matters aught, the man who rules this land now won that honor through just such a bargain.

The decision is yours, Arisen. Now, choose!"

"Then you will renounce your bond with this human and make an offering of their death? I shall not judge you, Arisen, for weakness is your nature as a child of man." The Dragon

If this painful choice is taken, the final scene shows the Arisen enthroned in the Demense, dressed in ducal robes, but totally alone.

"I know not which is right." (Pawn)


  • The game automatically makes a game save prior to the event, hence the Arisen is able to retry and proceed with the game, and make a different choice.