Sobering Wine is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A unique wine from a local vineyard. Drink it to become impervious to debilitations for a limited time."

Instills the status effect impervious to the entire party for 90 seconds - the impervious effect clears any debilitations already acquired.



Product of

Item Item Product
Isometricine + Verdigris Concoction = Sobering Wine


  • May also be given to Selene for her to brew a Finest Herb Ale.
  • Can be useful in many situations, especially if escape from a particularly debilitating attack is unlikely, e.g., the Cockatrice's Petrification attack.
  • Pawns will not use Sobering Wine to cure themselves of debilitations, but may use it to cure others. See Pawn curative and tool use.
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