Soaring Stone is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"An advanced form of Leaping Stone that also yanks its victims into the air for a follow-up attack."

An advanced version of Leaping Stone that also pulls the targeted foe into the air for additional attacks.


  • For general tactics for this class of skills see Leaping Stone.
  • Unlike Leaping Stone the initial kick-off does damage.
  • The jump height is lower than that of the lower level versions, which reduces its effectiveness against giant foes when followed up with Skull Splitter.
  • The knock-up done by the strider skill Soaring Stone is equivalent to a knockdown, and so breaks the Vile Eyes barrier, making them vulnerable to further attacks.
  • Said "knock" effect will also flinch Maneaters out of cast/attack animations, and can be done repeatedly.
  • Using Soaring Stone may also inflict the debilitation of equipped Golden, Aneled or Rusted Daggers.
  • Since the attack is never lethal, can be used repeatedly to apply debilitation effects to weak enemies that would otherwise die first (useful for applying Blindness with aneled daggers in order to use Master Thief, for example)