Smugglers' Pass is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


"A small outcropping located in the side of a mountain along the trail to Bluemoon Tower."

Smugglers' Pass is a small system of underground tunnels and cave-room of the path through the Pastona Cavern.

The underground area is like a small prison and is populated with Skeleton Knights. Three of the doors here require Skeleton Keys, and every cell has a chest with some good equipment in them, or a decent amount of coin. One of the cells has a broken wall in the back leading to another room with a chest, where a Wakestone Shard may sometimes be found.


Map No. Item
Map - cropped -caves result cropped result - Copy 1 Chest : Jewel of Health, Tagilus's Miracle, Large Coin Pouch
2 Chest : Guardian's Hood
3 † Chest : Scorched Pelta, Fine Magick Buckler, Thunder Kite Shield
4 Book pile gather spot - Hobgoblin Tactics
Chest : Jewel of Petrifaction, Salomet's Secret, Steel Nut Salve, Large Coin Pouch
5 † Chest : Veteran's Periapt, Giant Coin Pouch
6 Chest : Caladbolg, Malignance, Black Matter
plus a chance of a Wakestone Shard
7 Airtight Flask
8 Blocked by a rockfall
9 † Chest : Bardiche Daggers, Scarred Sentinel, Lion-Lord's Helm
10 Barrel and Explosive Barrel (no loot)
Skeleton Key required
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