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Slumbering Promise is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"This darkness may put a man on his mettle, but it is not entirely without pity. If you've armaments tempered in wyrmfire, bring them to one gone before you, that they may unlock the power trapped within."

Further upgrade a weapon that has been strengthened in wyrmfire. In short - have some Dragonforged equipment rarified by Barroch


This quest is available Pre-Daimon, from Olra's notice board after the quest Call of the Arisen.

Bring a Dragonforged weapon or armor piece to Barroch in either the Duskmoon Tower, The Warriors' Respite or The Arisen's Refuge and have him Rarify it in order to complete the quest.


  • Despite the description rarifying either weapons or armor will complete the quest.