For sleep at Inns and camps, see Sleeping.

Sleep is a debilitation in Dragon's Dogma that renders the afflicted immobile and vulnerable.


Sleep can be inflicted by a number of creatures, notably by the song of the Harpy and by the goat's head of a Chimera. On Bitterblack Isle, Death will attack the party by casting a sleep spell in a large area of effect with his lantern, then following it up with his fatal Scythe attack.

Arisen, Pawns and other humans may inflict sleep using Sleeper Arrow, with the spell Sopor, or the magick item Jewel of Sleep. Select Herb Ale can be used to self-inflict sleep on the entire party.

Sleep is a temporary status ailment and lasts only 20 seconds - being hit or assisted by a party member will wake the victim up. Cured by Bringbout, Light-CureLunanisePanacea, Peppermint Seed, the spell High Halidom and is also prevented or cured by any spell or item that grants Impervious.


While asleep, the Arisen will lose half as much again (+50%) health from the next blow they receive.

Creatures can take greatly increased damage - often four and a half times as much (4.5x).


  • Can be used to grant the party a respite or a chance to avoid a boss battle all together.
  • Sleeping enemies are susceptible to Pilfer or Master Thief.
  • Pawns will attack sleeping enemies that they would otherwise ignore, such as Spiders or Leapworms.
    • If unarmed they may also grapple smaller sleeping foes, waking them up in the process.
  • Pawns tend to use High Halidom in preference to curatives like Peppermint Seed to cure sleep.
  • It's possible to be asleep and on fire.
  • Fall damage can wake sleeper up, but small falls will not.
  • If arrested whilst asleep one arrive in the Dungeon with a bump but still asleep.
  • Version differences :
    • ps4PS4 Pawns will use curatives to cure allies of sleep, but cannot cure themselves.
    • ps3PS3 Pawns will use curatives to wake themselves
  • (Glitch) Foes easily put to sleep by spells such as Jewel of Sleep will be repeatedly woken up by the action of the spell, then put to sleep again, causing animation glitching from the sleep to woke state.


For creature resistances, see List of Creature Debilitation Resistances.

The augment Resistance gives good protection against sleep from both spells and creature songs.

Different foes have differing abilities to cause sleep - around 80% resistance is need to resist Death's lantern just once, while less resistance is needed for a much greater resilience to a harpy's song.


Name %
Restless Earring 60
Dragonblood 25
Master Ring 71 to 90%
Preceptor Ring 41 to 60%
Virtuoso Ring 11 to 30%


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