Sky Rapture is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Sky Dance. Delivers a powerful slash through the air that propels the user over a greater distance."

An advanced version of Sky Dance.


  • If executed in front of a foe the first part of the attack can launch smaller enemies into the air - this initial attack does little or no damage, but the lifted foe will usually be struck in the air.
  • Has significant knockdown capability.
  • May be used as an "air dash" to reach places otherwise unreachable areas.
  • May be executed mid-air, after a jump. Executing mid-air skips the initial lift-off step, which increases the speed of the attack.
  • Damage is boosted by the augment Eminence - jumping followed by Sky Rapture does not boost the attack power further.
  • These skills are a Mystic Knight's only pure melee skill not already available to Fighters.


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