Skull Splitter is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Helm Splitter that employs a faster spin to deliver a greater number of slashes during the spinning dive."

An advanced version of Helm Splitter. With Dark Arisen, it can become Brain Splitter with a relevant Strider's Ring or Strider's Band equipped.


  • In Dragon's Dogma Eminence increases damage from these skills.
    • In Dark Arisen the Splitter skills will not trigger the Eminence damage bonus if the Arisen did not jump prior to its execution. However jumping then using the skill will apply the Eminence bonus.
  • This skill has very high damage, both as a Strider skill, and as a fast-executing physical skill.
  • With their flurry of strikes, the Splitter skills are effective at damaging specific weak points such as the head or heart, and can quickly inflict debilitations with upgraded Rusted Daggers, Golden Daggers, or Aneled daggers.
  • Use Leaping Stone first to gain height before using the Splitter attack -this allows more hits, and will also activate Eminence if equipped.

Fall Exploit

Helm Splitter Exploit Example

Helm Splitter Exploit Example

  • (Exploit) (Dark Arisen only) Skull Splitter can be used to fall from any survivable height without injury. The Arisen must run toward the edge of the cliff (but do not jump) and at the last moment execute Skull Splitter while continuing to run forward. The forward momentum will take the Arisen over the edge of the cliff and land safely with no damage if executed properly. Performing this in any other way, e.g., a jump followed by Helm Splitter, will result in fall damage.