Skull is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A human skull what might be thrown to make noise."

Skulls are common in Gransys and on Bitterblack Isle, especially in underground locations such as Dripstone Cave, or The Catacombs, and may be gathered from Weapon/Armor Piles as well. They can be dropped by Skeletons, Skeleton Lords, Skeleton Brutes, Greater Goblins and Wights. Interestingly enough, skulls can also be made through combining.

Skulls can be held and thrown to lure nearby enemies and may inflict Curse and some Thrown Damage on an enemy when hit - even if vulnerable, a large foe may need to be hit with several skulls to inflict Curse.

Skulls can also be presented as a gift, and are favored affinity items for Bandits.



2 Star Enhancement

3 Star Enhancement


Product of

Item Item Product
Hammer + Craft Bone = Skull
Hammer + Hard Bone = Skull x2
Hammer + Fell-Lord's Bone = Skull x4
Hammer + Rugged Bone = Skull x4


  • The completion of the quest Bone of Contention rewards 60 skulls.
  • Some skulls found lying on the ground are not collectible, but can be shattered, like other bones and fragile objects found in the environment.


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