Sixfold Bolt is an ice based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Threefold Bolt that fires still more arrows."

An upgrade to Threefold Bolt that shoots six ice based magickal arrows that will home onto one foe. In Dark Arisen, it may be upgraded to Ninefold Bolt with the relevant Magick Bowman's Ring or Magick Bowman's Band equipped.

Tactics, usage, and notes

Sixfold Bolt

Untargeted Sixfold shot

  • A blue-ish sigil appears over the target of the spell whilst aiming - a single foe can be targeted
  • One volley consists of a single "seeker" that homes in the target, followed by three, six, or nine further "hunter" bolts that spiral in and onto the targeted foe.
  • Can inflict the Frozen status on enemies.


Both the "seeker" and the multiple "hunters" damage foes. Generally each has a small base component and scales well with total magick.

  • The power of the "seeker" is slightly increased at close range.
  • The damage from the multiple "hunters" is independent of range.
  • Power of sixfold actually scales very slightly less well with weapon magick than threefold.
  • Damage from the bolt is entirely magickal and thus useless against golems.
  • Offensive output is high, and the skill is probably the most powerful single target general offensive bow spell (excluding Sacrificial Bolt) available to the magick archer, as long as targets lack ice resistance

Tactics and bolt trajectory

Sixfold missed bolt

A 'missed' bolt orbits an Ox then slingshots off after the creature dies.

  • Homing arrows can be intercepted by other enemies or body parts, but not generally by objects or the static environment.
    • Bolts may strike other foes if the initially targeted creature died before all struck. The bolts will not target other creatures and will only strike if their and a creature's paths happen to coincide.
    • Because of the above behaviour the easiest way to hit a Drake's heart with all bolts is to fire at very close range.
  • With the augment trajectory, the bolts can travel beyond the sigil's targeting range - if manually aimed, and providing the "seeker" hits the volley can strike enemies at far distances.
  • Occasionally a "hunter" arrow will enter an orbit around the target, and fail to hit it at all.


  • Probably one of the easiest and fastest way to kill Living Armor.
  • Especially effective against enemies vulnerable to Ice, such as Saurians, Hellhounds, Drakes, and Firedrakes.
  • The higher tier spell replaces the lower - once learned the lesser spell cannot be cast.


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