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Silver Chainmail Set is clothing available in Dragon's Dogma.


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The Silver Chainmail Set consists of two main items - the Silver Cuirass upper and Silver Hosen lowers. Together they make a heavy and highly physically defensive set of undergarments, suitable primarily for warrior and fighter vocations, and to Heavy Armor Sets and Very Heavy Armor Sets.

Chain sets are best suited as undergarments for closely fitting armors, such as well shaped plate armors - the silver set is particularly suited to the Hero's Armor Set and Gryphic Armor Set.

As a pair the weight drops from 4.66 to 3.39 when fully upgraded, with physical defense rising from 17 to 56. When upgraded the set has some ice, holy and curse resistance. The silver set is only very slightly inferior to its iron equivalent in pure defense, but has slight better magic resistance - it is also heavier. The Silver Vest upper is comparable in defense but is better suited to open armors, not tightly fitting armors.

The silver chain set can replace the Iron Chain Mail Set on every occasion.