Silentium is a Dark based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Invokes a magickal aura around the user that Silences foes who enter."

Inflicts Silence, which disables the afflicted foe or creature's spellcasting ability.


  • Upgrades to High Silentium.
  • Silencing foes gives the party a devastating advantage against enemies that rely on magick.
  • Especially effective against the Dark Bishop, Wights, Liches, and Frostwyrms. These enemies are practically harmless while silenced.
  • In cases where the debilitation is slow to take hold, the augment Magnitude can be equipped to increase the chance to debilitate.
  • This debilitation may also be inflicted with enhanced Golden Weapons.
  • A similar spell can be cast by all vocations with a Jewel of Silence.