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Shriek Dart is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Whistle Dart that emits a louder cry to stun still more enemies."

An advanced version of Whistle Dart.


  • Causes all non party members within earshot to flinch, interrupting their actions for a few seconds.
    • Doesn't seem to have an effect on giant foes.
  • A foe hit with the arrow may be debilitated, but not the flinching foes.
  • Flinching foes are susceptible to grappling.
  • Pawns use this skill in preference to others when facing Bandits, and some other enemies including Skeletons, but will use other skills in preference (such as Mighty Bend) against Goblin species.
  • When used with the permanently enchanted Shortbow Dragon's Ire, the shockwave will damage all enemies within its radius in addition to stunning them - this weak damage is Neutral Magick and scales with weapon and equipment magick.
    • An oddity of this damage is that against non-magickal enemies (like Boars) it is increased by Strength Boosted but not Magick Boosted, but against physically resistant foes like Phantoms only the magick boosting effect increases damage.
    • The aural shockwave cannot cause Debilitations.
    • The shockwave is incapable of killing foes, and will leave them with at least one point of health.

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