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You may find many great items in chests and lying about, but you still need to visit the vendors from time to time. Here you can refresh your supplies, buy and sometimes upgrade your equipment, and sell extra items that you do not need. New inventory may become available at these shops as you progress through the game.



For the most part, the merchants who have their own shop have an unlimited supply. The travelling shopkeepers usually have a limited number of each item that they carry. For these shops, their inventories will resupply every few days. Not all merchants share the same resupply days.

Almost all vendors gain additional items in their inventory at the start of each Story Progression Stage. Additionally raising affinity may also cause them to sell a few extra and sometimes rare items. Additional items may also be unlocked by completing specific quests - for Fournival help acquit him in Trial and Tribulations; for Reynard progress the quest Search Party; for Madeleine and Caxton complete their Gold Idol quests.

Stock at The Black Cat was originally (Dragon's Dogma) unlocked by purchasing the relavent DLC; in Dark Arisen most becomes available from the first visit. The Golden Weapons he sells must first be obtained from quests, but afterward can be bought. His inventory may also include lost quest items.

Items in Rift Shop become available after certain stages, or after completing quests that award the first instance of that item.

Additionally a few items become available only in New Game Plus. (Depending on game version items made available during a previous main quest, may or may not become available during New Game - specifically Aneled Weapons and other equipment at the Rift Shop; in some version all items at shops become unlocked.)

Increasing an item's value

Enhancement Sell price
0 1x
1 1.1x
2 1.2x
3 1.45x
DFIcon.png 2.7x
SRIcon.png 3.2x
GRIcon.png 3.7x

The augment Suasion increases sale prices by 15%. If multiple members of the party have this augment equipped, the effect multiplies - thus to a maximum of 1.154 (that is nearly 1.75x) If you are looking to make a fast profit on found items, hiring pawns with Suasion before selling would be a good way to do so.

Having a Ring of Thrift in your inventory grants a 15% bonus to gold earned when selling items, the same as Suasion. However this effect does not stack for multiple rings on the same character, nor does it increase sale prices for characters who already have Suasion equipped. Only the effect of either Ring of Thrift or Suasion is active per character.

Additionally enhancing, dragonforging and rarifying items increases their value.



Item Discount
Gold Idol 30%
Gold Idol Forgery 30%
Silver Idol 20%
Silver Idol Forgery 20%
Bronze Idol 10%
Bronze Idol Forgery 10%
Badge of Merit 8%
Wyrm Hunt License 5%

A few items give a reduction in prices at shops. The item must be in the party's inventory at sale for the discount to be given - if several discount items are held only the best discount is given, not a cumulative discount.

Most shopkeepers and travelling vendors give a discount, but Fournival and The Black Cat do not. Enhancing costs are unchanged. The Badge of Merit only gives a discount at shops in Gran Soren.


Profit & Loss

In general the cost to buy an item greatly exceeds the amount gained from selling at all shops - it is therefore practically impossible to make a living through inter-trading with peddlers or shopkeepers in Gransys unless one has their own supply.

A few combining recipes may generate a profit, such as Harspud Sauce and Large Nut to give Balmy Incense, but all such are supply constrained, with only limited quantities of at least one of the starting materials available.

Excluding the discount giving items there are few ways to change the price of an item. Affinity with a salesperson does not usually affect price, though completing a special task may earn a discount (such as helping Fournival during the quest Trial and Tribulations).

If an item that you are selling has been enhanced, the selling price will be higher than normal. Each rank increases the value.

The usual mark-up on bought items is 250%, reduced to 175% (+75%) with the reduction in buy price with a Gold Idol - this is almost exactly balanced by four instances of Suasion.

  • As an example Potent Greenwarish can be bought for 300G at Aestella's or 210G with a Gold Idol discount. It sells for 120G or with four Suasion sale price boosts at just under 210G (209.9G) - a net loss of 1G. Similarly a Cutlass can be bought at Caxton's Armory for 23,600G (16,520G at discount), and sells for 9,440G (or 16,510G with four Suasion augments active) - a minimum net loss of 10G. If the item could be enhanced at minimal or no cost an opportunity for profit exists.

List of Merchants and Shops

Shops and Shopkeepers

Merchants and Peddlers

For details of the itinerary or expected locations of those merchants that can be found in different locations, see their respective articles.

Additionally in Dark Arisen the Barroch sells items and provides other services at various locations in Bitterblack Isle.


  • A shop's inventories must be viewed for "unlocked" items (eg from Supplier's Demand or raised affinity) to become available in New Game Plus.
  • Sold items do not appear in a shopkeeper's inventory, and cannot be rebought. Generally any vendor will buy any item.
  • A number of shops do not provide useful services to the Arisen - these include the market stalls in the Fountain Square in Gran Soren, as well as Heraldo's Grocery and Benita's shop in Cassardis.
  • Inns do not generally sell food and drink to the party, though they may offer a bed at a price.
  • In Dragon's Dogma there was a profit making method involving allowing Carrots or Twigbeans to mature into Moldy Carrots and Moldy Twigbeans and selling them back to the shopkeeper. (The exploit was later patched, and in Dark Arisen the number for sale was limited to 99)
  • See Profitable recipes for combining recipes that produce products with a higher sale price than the starting reagents or materials.