Shield Storm is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Shield Strike that shrinks the user's window of vulnerability with a faster blow that forces the target to drop their guard."

An advanced version of Shield Strike. In Dark Arisen, becomes Shield Slam with the Shieldsman's Ring equipped.


  • This skill is focused on staggering or knocking down down foes in guarding stance, so that subsequent attacks will connect - as such it lacks the damage output of Cymbal Attack or its variants, and like other skills with high stagger or knockdown it uses relatively more stamina.
  • Following up with Cymbal Attack or the primary weapon when the foe's guard is broken is optimal.
  • The shield strikes may be used to inflict debilitations from a suitable shield.
  • These are the only set of skills available to Assassins to use the shield offensively and inflict debilitations with a shield.
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