Shield Drum is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Shield Summons where the raps carry futher, drawing the ire of most distant enemies."

An advanced version of Shield Summons.


This skill serves to divert enemy attention from another party member to the person using shield drum. It does not serve an aggravating purpose. For example it will not wake sleeping Saurians, even if in close range.

Enemy attention is given to the party member deemed to be the biggest threat. Two factors play a role, these are:

  • Dealing damage to the enemy.
  • Proximity to the enemy.

Shield Summons/Drum can be used by a Fighter to re-gain the attention of an enemy after another party member attacks and deals enough damage to aggravate the enemy. Should a Sorcerer pawn, for example, cast Bolide, dealing significant damage enough to arouse the ire of a large enemy, a fighter equipped with this skill can use it to help prevent this party member from coming under an onslaught of attacks.


  • Pawns will use this skill liberally, often to the detriment of Perfect Blocking.
  • Shield drum reliably encourages Harpies and their kin to descend to melee range in order to attack the user. Useful for a particularly impatient fighter without other means of bring the beasts out of the sky.
    • However Shield Drum will not have an effect on harpies that are currently singing.
  • The added taunt animation leaves the user vulnerable to attacks compared to the base skill Shield Summons.
  • Can be [jump] cancelled.
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