Shadowshackle is a Dark based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Shadowpin that calls forth a larger, longer-lasting sigil that traps enemies within its confines."

An advanced version of Shadowpin. In Dark Arisen, can become Shadowsnare with the relevant Magick Archer's Ring or Band equipped.


Skill Duration
Shadowpin <20s
Shadowshackle 35s
Shadowsnare 45s
  • Shadowshackle can trap multiple small enemies at once, and some larger ones including Gorechimeras.
  • Unlike physical dagger skills, Shadowshackle will not inflict debilitations with Rusted, Golden or Aneled daggers.
  • This skill is a very effective crowd control. Use it in a bottleneck such as a cavern passage or corridor to pin large groups of enemies down.
  • Although Shadowshackle's area of effect is set on a narrow horizontal plane on the surface on which it is released, it is possible to trap flying enemies, such as Harpies and Gargoyles, if they are lured across the field, thus making them much easier to hit with melee attacks.
  • Effective when used in combination with other attacks, such as the explosion of Explosive Bolt.
  • Shadowshackle is particularly useful against Hellhounds who are very agile and harder to hit with melee attacks - it will prevent them from harassing and interrupting spellcasters.

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