Set of Royal Guard Armor is armor available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A replica of the armor worn by Gran Soren soldiers. Matches the look of the original, but cannot offer the same protection."

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This Soldier armor is only obtainable as a disguise given by Mirabelle at the start of the quest Duchess In Distress in order to infiltrate The Blighted Manse.

The Royal Guard Armor Set allows the Arisen to enter The Blighted Manse by the front door, and also allows them to walk the Duke's Demesne at night without getting arrested - it can be useful if the Arisen wishes to steal from the Treasury.

To aesthetically complete the disguise, a Gran Soren Shield and Broadsword could be equipped; or, for a warrior, use a Steel Greatsword, as wielded by Ser Berne; some guards in the Manse carry a Knight's Honor and Steel Beak.

Not to be confused with the Royal Surcoat Set - a red armor set, intended for guards to royalty.


Stars 0t.png
Stars 1t.png
Stars 2t.png
Stars 3t.png
DFIcon.png SRIcon.png GRIcon.png
N/A 13,100 G 38,300 G
Royal Banner x3
122,000 G
Love-In-The-Rough x1
Click here for
4,000 RC
Fae-Silver Plate x2
8,000 RC
Phantom Orb x3
Defense 166 173 178 193 232 251 291
Magick Defense 59 62 64 70 79 149 209
Piercing Resist 11% 11% 11% 11% 11% 11% 11%
Striking Resist 8% 8% 8% 8% 8% 8% 8%
Stagger Resist 52% 52% 52% 57% 62% 72% 83%
Knockdown Resist 56% 56% 56% 61% 66% 76% 87%
Elemental Resist Fire +3% Fire +3% Fire +6% Fire +9% Fire +12% Fire +18% Fire +30%
Debilitation Resist Sleep +16%
Lowered Str +22%
Sleep +16%
Lowered Str +22%
Sleep +32%
Lowered Str +22%
Sleep +48%
Lowered Str +22%
Sleep +64%
Lowered Str +66%
Sleep +64%
Lowered Str +66%
Sleep +80%
Lowered Str +88%
Weight 12.10 12.10 11.49 10.28 9.08 9.08 9.08
In Dragon's Dogma this set had 15% Burning resistance, in Dark Arisen this resistance was removed.

Enhancement Item Locations



  • Love-In-The-Rough is obtained at the end of the quest Duchess In Distress. Meaning the Royal Guard Armor can be forged up to 3 Stars right away provided the player has sufficient gold. Because this item is one-per-playthrough, it is a good idea to duplicate it at the Black Cat prior to its use.
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