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Set Out for Adventure - The Great Defense is a DLC pack containing Armor available as downloadable content items for Dragon's Dogma. It was released on June 19, 2012.

Note This DLC is included with the purchase of Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.
Only purchase this DLC separately if playing the original Dragon's Dogma game.

Set Out for Adventure - A Great Defense


"This armor pack will stock your item storage with sturdy armors for Fighter, Strider and Mage. A Farewell Hood, Farewell Gloves, and a Farewell Cloak will help you no matter your new vocation, making your adventures sweet and easy as Meloirean pie. 'This bonus can only be applied once per saved data. If the items are discarded or given away during gameplay, they will be lost."
  • Priced at: $0.99 (Xbox 360 and PS3)



  • Editor recommends purchasing this DLC at the buyer's own discretion.
  • This content is available in Dark Arisen but must be purchased for Gold