Ser Whitby is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


Ser Whitby is a guard at the The Blighted Manse who will refuse the Arisen entry if the player travels there too early in the game. He will only allow entrance into the Manse if the Arisen is wearing a Set of Royal Guard Armor.

Whitby is assisted by Ser Ethen and Ser Josiah



On the fort

"My days and nights are spent watching over the Blighted Manse. Built by the previous duke to entertain his court of visiting dignitaries, the Manse was his most prized fortress. As a guard, this job is a quiet one. We are surrounded by woodland and harsh mountains to protect from danger, and since it stays unseasonably cool during the summers, we used to play host to the vacations of the Royal Family. However, now, due to the dark times, The Manse is a shadow of its former self. I'm not sure why it requires such security without visitors, perhaps some family secrets remain inside." -"The Blighted Manse" (via Capcom, Youtube)

When approached

"Oi! There's naught here what concerns you. Go on! Get Moving!"

Whilst disguised

"Mm? What's this... A new recruit, is it?"
"My shift started a moment ago... but as you're here, I'll not speak ill of good fortune."


  • If the player attempts to enter the Manse, Ser Whitby will automatically turn them away at the gate.


  • Ser Whitby lacks an escourt quest, probably because he is unwilling to leave his post.