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Ser Westley is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"One of Ser Georg's latest recruits. He is bighearted and has seen much battle alongside Ser Cyrus."



  • During the quest Griffin's Bane, Westley is likely to be carried off by the Griffin and pecked to death, though he can be saved. If Westley and all the other Enlistment Corps men survive the quest, Mercedes will thank the Arisen.
  • The last chance to speak to (and raise Affinity with) Ser Westley is after the battle with the Griffin atop Bluemoon Tower, assuming he survives the battle.


  • "Time a wound heals, we're wounded again twice over..."
  • "I tell you, a sellsword's wages never match his work. Still, there's a pleasure to butchering monsters, I won't lie."
  • "For all its plumage, the beast had the temper of a hellcat. 'Tis a grim thought that we live in a world teeming with such beasts... Still, 'tis the fact of it. We can but keep living best we're able."