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Ser Vinson is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"The duchess's personal guard. He is charged with keeping her bedchambers safe."

Ser Vinson usually stands guard outside the Duchess's Bedchamber. After Arousing Suspicion he leaves the Demense.



  • "If you've no business with the duchess, I ask you go no further, ser."


  • Ser Vinson prevents access to the Duchess' chamber if the Arisen met with Aelinore in the garden, until Arousing Suspicion has been completed. During Arousing Suspicion he will go missing from his post during night.
  • Pc x256 If you burgle the Treasury at night, he will warp into the room after a short while and arrest you. To get around this problem, grab only a few items at a time and Ferrystone out of the room.
  • Counterintuitively, you can raise affinity with him by repeatedly triggering his cutscene; where he prevents you from entering Aelinore’s bedchamber.