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Ser Raffe is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A guard charged with patrolling all of Gran Soren. He possesses a strong sense of duty."

He is a knight of Gran Soren, who patrols the Craftsman's Quarter.

Ser Raffe is equipped with a Broadsword and Fine Magick Buckler, and wears the same livery as Ser Gammon, and Ser Chandra.

After the Cockatrice attacks Gran Soren during the quest Honor and Treachery, Ser Raffe appears to be in some pain, he likely got injured - as evidenced by his actions. His pain does not abate during his escort quest.

After the defeat of the Dragon, Ser Raffe is absent in Grand Soren, suggesting that he died during the cataclysm of the capital.



  • If Ser Raffe was the beloved during the main questline, he will survive the disaster in the capital.