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Ser Gabrian is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A soldier stationed at Windbluff Tower. He has a great sense of justice and holds Ser Daerio in the highest respects."

Ser Gabrian appears during the quest The Conspirators - after retrieving the Confidential Letter for Fedel he will be awaiting the Arisen within the Duke's Demesne in an attempt to intercept the letter. Ser Gabrian will attempt to get the Arisen's attention, and, if spoken to, will request the letter be given to him, stating that Fedel is treacherous, and attempting to stir dissent.



  • Ser Gabrian offers the Arisen a choice between giving him the letter, refusing and giving it to Fedel, or both. Through use of a forgery made at The Black Cat, the Arisen may give Ser Gabrian the forgery and the real letter to Fedel - gaining rewards for both, but only if you give Gabrian first, the other way around won't work.
  • If Gabrian is ignored, he will chase the Arisen to the steps of the Keep.
  • There is no impact on the story regardless of whom the letter is given to.
  • (BUG) Pc x256, Switch x256 - During quest The Conspirators the game may get stuck in dialogue camera if Ser Gabrian is initially ignored, and he chases the Arisen to speak to him in the middle of the stairs.