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Ser Camillus is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A guard stationed at the entrance to the Craftsman's Quarter in Gran Soren. He seems confident, but it's just a façade."



  • "A traveler, eh? An uncommon sight in these times."
  • "You seem to ken which end of the sword goes into the monster. Perhaps you'd like to join the guard?"
  • "One doesn't join the guard for the pay. Or the glory. Or the camaraderie...Hold on, then...where did I mean to go with that..."
  • "Must be nice, being Arisen and all. I wager you earn enough coin for some finer weapons, for once. Meanwhile it's a fortune guard whose blade can hold an edge at all. And armor? Pah! They truly believe we can stand up to a dragon with equipment the likes of this?"

During Pride Before a Fall

  • "Name me craven if you like, but first sign of that dragon and I'll shed my armor and be off like the wind."
  • "His Grace once bested the dragon, you know? But time and prosperity have made him soft, and his esteem among the guard falls with each passing day."
  • "I'm not the only guardsman who harbors thoughts of desertion. We're all of us just biding our days..."