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Ser Alvert is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A guard stationed at one of Gran Soren's city gates. He tends to fret over the smallest things."

After meeting the Duke, Ser Alvert approaches the Arisen and introduces them into the Duke's Demesne and the castle. He then refers the Arisen to the Duke's chamberlain Aldous for further instructions.



  • "Was that a hydra's head went by before? Whose prize was that, then? Ser Mercedes?"
  • "Was a time, and not long ago, such a beast would never spawn so close to Cassardis."
  • "Could be the dragon's coming has their kind gone mad as well..."
  • "This here is Gran Soren's main gate. She opens toward Cassardis, though I suspect you're well aware."
  • "Out there, you face a horde of beasts more hungered for blood than any I've seen."
  • "In here, you'll find folk like that "Salvation" lot engaged in all manner of shadowy dealings."
  • "It's got to a point I don't know which side's the safer."