"And now again, the choice is yours, Arisen."
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Selene is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A young girl living peacefully in the Witchwood, She tends to be extremely cautious around strangers."

Selene is a mysterious young girl who resides in the mist-enveloped Witchwood. Most of the people of Gransys neither know history or background; any assume the person living in the wood is a witch, and ascribe that vocation to Selene.

Selenes real story and origin is gradually uncovered over the course of several quests. During the quest Lost and Found the Arisen's childhood friend and cousin Quina seeks out Selene in an attempt to find an explanation or cure for their heart wound. Within the forest lies a small clearing surrounded by trees, and herein lies a cottage, built into an ancient tree, which Selene calls home. Here Quina and the Arisen discover that that Selene once lived with her Gran until she passed away.


Selene is timid and fears contact with regular people - though she is an excellent herbalist.

Later Selene becomes the target of a lynching, during the quest Witch Hunt - some people and soldiers of Gran Soren had come to blame Selene for the Dragon's attack, thinking her a powerful sorceress - they surround the forest hut and threaten to burn it down, until scared off by a guardian Golem.

After the attack Selene runs off deeper into the wood - she is found at Guardian's Grave together with the ghostly figure of her Gran (Sofiah). Here it is revealed that Selene is the pawn of a former Arisen, and the process known as Bestowal of Spirit is explained - an effect which causes pawns to slowly become more like their masters over time, and more 'human'.

Afterwards, Selene, now human and not pawn moves to The Arisen's House in Cassardis.

Selene wears the Forest Tunic Set, her favorite gift is the Toadstool Sitter.

Brewing Ale

Speaking with Selene, the Arisen will be given an option of presenting her with a herb or another curative item. Selene will convert the items into various herbal ales, depending on the item given. These are fairly potent curatives, and make her quite useful.

Ale Effect Ingredient required
Herb Ale Group Restore Health Gransys Herb
Select Herb Ale Group Restore Stamina. Inflicts Sleep Southron Oregano
Secret Herb Ale Group Restore Stamina. Inflicts Skill Stifling Kept Moldy Berry
Finest Herb Ale Group Restore Health and Stamina Sobering Wine
Distilled Herb Ale Group Restore Health King Bay Leaf
Fragrant Herb Ale Group Restore Health Salomet's Secret


Selene's brews can be combined to gain the following products

Item Item Product
Distilled Herb Ale + Nostalgia Dust = Fragrant Herb Ale
Select Herb Ale + Peppermint Seed = Finest Herb Ale
Secret Herb Ale + Drop of Deliverance = Perfect Herb Ale



  • Selene is one character who has unique dialogue during the quest The Great Hereafter
  • After Witch Hunt Selene can be taken to Pablos' Inn, in order to speed up Ale creation. Have her create Ale then immediately deposit the Ale with Pablos. Repeat as many times as desired. Selene will not move from the Inn until the player sleeps, leaves or dies.
  • Her outfit, the Forest Tunic Set, is obtained from successfully completing Speedrun Mode.
  • There is a Common Archistaff standing in one of the pots in the Witch's Hut. Though Selene is unarmed, it is likely that Selene was a Sorcerer when a pawn. According to an unimplemented quest item description Selene's weapon is or was called "Unbowed Tree" - the inventory text read "Selene's cherished staff. Its name mirrors her uncorrupted heart".
  • If the quest Lost and Found is not completed and Selene is not spoken to with Quina present in the Witch's Hut, Selene's subsequent quests will not activate.
  • Selene has a tendency to run if the Arisen is being chased by monsters, so kill them first then exit and re-enter Witchwood to try again.
  • In New Game Plus, Selene's first sentence when spoken to is: "Might I... Might I know you? You seem familiar." even if the Arisen never visited Witchwood and spoke to her in previous runs.
  • Selene's transition to humanity is revealed by her death animaton - if killed prior to Witch Hunt she will collapse on the ground before being taken by the Rift revealing that she is in fact a Pawn. However, if she is killed Post-Witch Hunt she will merely collapse on the ground and lie dead, like any human.


  • "Some need of me...?"
  • "I have ever lived hidden away from others."
  • "Once all has grown calm...will you come see me again?"
  • "We meet again..."
  • "I've been here, alone... Since Gran died... I've stayed and thought... About my journey with Gran..."
  • "Why is it that...I remember it so clearly when you are near?"
  • "This strange... I am not now as I was then... As I was when I was with Gran... Somehow, I am changed..."

During Lost and Found

  • "Gran spoke of this... Said not to speak with you... With people from beyond the wood..."
  • "Why do you...not frighten me? Why is it, now...? Others rarely come... When they do, they... They frighten me... I hid away."

During Witch Hunt

  • "I am sorry, Arisen. You share in my troubles through no fault of your own. Some part of me has long known I was, in truth, a pawn. I do not age, or die, as others. And always I found making my own decisions...difficult. Gran gifted me a portion of her very soul. It was a kindness I can never repay. At first, I knew not how to use this gift. But now I have met you..."
  • "Please, Arisen... Say that I might stay in your village. Under your roof... I want dearly for a place I can feel safe."

After moving to Your House

  • "I... I've become human... Have I not? Human... Like you."
  • "No more do I follow another as I did Gran... As a pawn does her master. Now, I can live together with you as a fellow man... An equal."
  • "In truth, I would gladly leave here now to go anywhere with you... But I would be naught but a burden if I joined you now. After what has happened here, I... Perhaps I had best not be seen awhile."
  • "Do not worry for me. I have ever lived hidden away from others. Once all has grown calm...will you come and see me again?"

During Elsewhere Bound

  • "This strange... I am not now as I was then... As I was when I was with Gran... Somehow, I am changed..."
  • "I am...very glad. Thank you..."

Upon being gifted The Arisen's Bond

  • "This...for me!? 'Tis a marvel... I am wondrous glad of it. I feel as if I am just born, newly alive at last this moment!"

As the Beloved

  • "There, in the Dragon's keeping, I was frightened... Truly frightened. Scared to die... After meeting you, I was scared to lose it all... 'Twas the first time I had ever been truly conscious of death. 'Til now it had ever held little meaning for me as a pawn. But it is that mortality that gives human life its color. Life without death is no life, in truth. I've come to understand that now, as a human myself."


Selene bears some resemblances to the character Schierke from Kentaro Miura's action/fantasy manga Berserk : She is a young "witch",; the witch's hut she lives in bears a striking resemblance to the one in the manga; various magical contrivances make it difficult for travelers to actually find both witch huts; the hut, furthermore, is guarded by a Golem, again similar to the manga.

Creating Selene

Listed below are the setting's used to create Selene. This is a rough estimate as official character creation numbers have not been announced.

Slider Scales are represented thus - for a five point slider the positions are = [ 2L - 1L - M - 1R - 2R ]
The colour scale = '00' is the top leftmost selection, right adjacent to that is '1R', below that is '1D', two rows below '2D' and so on.

On completion Selene vital statistics are : Height 171 cm, Weight 57 kg.

Face Type    28, Colour   3R
Hair Type    50, Colour   4R
Eye Type     17, Colour   7D
Brow Type    15, Position 1R, Spacing 1L, Colour 7R
Nose Type    13 
Mouth Type   20, Position 1R
Ear Type     1
Musculature  2L
Bust Size    2L
Torso        10
Arms         7
Legs         12
Posture      M
Stance       M
Weight       1L
Skin Colour  3R
Makeup       11, Colour  7R 2D