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Secret of Metamorphosis is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Arcane magick that can transmute one's appearance, allowing the user to edit their Arisen and main pawn any number of times."

The Secret of Metamorphosis can be bought from the Rift Shop, by speaking to Johnathan, the old pawn in the yellow tunic at the back of the Command Tent in The Encampment.

The Secret costs 10,000 Rift Crystals and becomes available for purchase once the Dragon is defeated (see Post-Game).

Once bought the Character Editor will be available from the Main Menu of the game, allowing the player to edit the visual appearance, name, voice, and gender of the Arisen and main pawn as many times as desired.


  • The Art of Metamorphosis has the same function but only allows one use
  • The Character Edit option will remain in the Main Menu for the life of the save file, and will carry over in New Game Plus.
    • Character Edit will be removed if the player selects "New Game" from the Main Menu as this overwrites the player's saved game. The Secret must be purchased again once the New Game progress reaches the Post-Game.