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Scarlet Angelica is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An herb known for its boldly colored leaftips. Combine it with other materials to produce aught of use."

Cures poison.

This herb is fairly common around the Cursewood, and in the Deos Hills such as outside the main entrance to the Catacombs, or around the Healing Springs east of the Catacombs.


2 Star Enhancement

3 Star Enhancement


Component to

Item Item Product
Scarlet Angelica + Blood Decanter = Salubrious Brew
Scarlet Angelica + Forgotten Arcanum = Salubrious Brew
Scarlet Angelica + Cragwort = Verdigris Concoction
Scarlet Angelica + Lava Flower = Verdigris Concoction
Scarlet Angelica + Crimson Concoction = Dose of Strength
Scarlet Angelica + Reminishroom = Dose of Strength