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Savan and Salde

Savan and his pawn Salde

Savan in an Arisen from long ago in Dragon's Dogma. He is playable in the prologue quest The End at the Beginning.

"If you would heed my call, prove now your worth."


"And now again, the choice is yours, Arisen."
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Savan was the last Arisen to slay a Great Dragon before the current Arisen. During his quest to defeat the Dragon he was accompanied by his Pawn Salde, as well the the pawns Quince, a Strider, and Morganna, a Mage.

Larger parts of Savan's quest are told in the animated four part comic (see Dragon's Dogma Digital Comic), and in the novel Dragon's Dogma : The Beginning [ドラゴンズドグマ ザ ビギニング]; the penultimate part of his quest is playable and retold in the quest The End at the Beginning.

Like the main character, he is a man of few words, but appears stoic and ever-ready. Glimpses from his actions show him to be honorable. Being the last Arisen to slay The Dragon, he was very skilled in battle, as most Arisen need to be. His chosen vocation was that of the Fighter.

Ultimately, Savan managed to defeat the Seneschal, thereby becoming the Seneschal himself. The Arisen and Savan are destined by fate or will to meet at the final battle of the main quest - during The Great Hereafter.



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From the Dragon's Dogma Digital Comic

Creating Savan[]

Any changes listed are to be applied to the default Arisen, anything not listed remains unchanged. The height in the editor appears as 179.9 but when you get ingame it will always round down so it will be displayed as 179 on the status screen.

Slider Scale = [ 2L - 1L - M - 1R - 2R ]

The colour scale represents all available selections in the editor. '00' would
be the top left most selection, if you were to highlight that in the editor
and press right once, you would hit 1R.

Colour Scale = [ 00 ] [ 1R ] [ 2R ] [ 3R ] [ 4R ] [ 5R ] [ 6R ]

               [ 1D ] [ 1D ] [ 1D ] [ 1D ] [ 1D ] [ 1D ] [ 1D ]

               [ 2D ] [ 2D ] [ 2D ] [ 2D ] [ 2D ] [ 2D ] [ 2D ]
Height 179 | Weight 77 | Voice 1

Face Type       1
     Size      2L
     Colour    1R 1D

Hair Type       1
     Colour    2R

Eye Type        1
    Spacing    1L
    Colour     4R

Brow Type       1
     Spacing   2R
     Colour    2R

Nose Type       1
     Position  2R
     Size      1L

Mouth Type      1
      Position 2R

Ear Type        1

Musculature     M

Torso          10
Arms            3
Legs            2

Stance         1R

Facial Hair     1
       Colour  2R