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Saurians (called Lizardmen in the Japanese version) are enemies in Dragon's Dogma.


The common Saurian is the least dangerous of the Saurian species, but nevertheless a potent foe. They generally inhabit watery areas, either ponds or riverbanks, but are also found in sheltered woods. Common Saurians have green or greenish scales; they sometimes cloak themselves - which renders them nearly invisible - but not as regularly as their cousins, the Sulfur Saurians.

They are immune to poison, vulnerable to torpor, ice, and as with all Saurian versions, their weakness is the tail. Saurians are good swimmers, use spears for strong physical attacks, and their spit can inflict poison.

"Saurians are mostly found around water and have an appearance like bipedal lizards. They reach around ten feet in height and feed mostly on fish and animals.

Saurians are moderately intelligent and possess a sort of social structure, tending to operate in groups called basks. Most basks of saurians will have one of their own stand guard, usually while camouflaged, so exercise great caution around areas likely to be home to saurians.

They surpass humans in terms of brute strength and explosive power, and they can use their hunting harpoons as weapons. They can also spit poison from their mouths and quickly slither close to take a bite out of their foes.

A saurian’s body is covered with tough scales that cannot be penetrated by many attacks. These scales can also change color in response to the environment and thus saurians can disguise themselves to blend into their surroundings, all the better to ambush their prey. They call this ability "camouflaging".

If you damage a saurian’s tail, it appears to lose the will to fight and will usually flee from battle. No one knows exactly why this is, but scholars theorize that a lost tail might demonstrate to others—especially potential mates—poor fitness, thus damaging a saurian’s social standing.
―Capcom official description[1]

Base Experience of 410

Can be more or less depending on a few factors such as:



Bitterblack Isle (Pre-Daimon)



Stats Health Attack Defense Magick
2,400 440 130 200 60 200
Slash Bash FIRE BASED.png
100% 70% 60% 250% 100% 100% 100%
Tarred.png DrenchedWater.png Poison.png Blindness.png Silence.png Sleep.png Torpor.png Petrification.png Curse.png
D moderate.png D immune.png D immune.png D moderate.png D moderate.png D moderate.png D moderate.png D moderate.png D easy.png
StrengthLowered.png DefenseLowered.png MagickLowered.png MagickDefenseLowered.png Fire.png Frozen.png LIGHTNING BASED.png HOLY BASED.png DARK BASED.png
D easy.png D hard.png D moderate.png D cannot obtain.png D hard.png D easy.png D moderate.png D moderate.png D moderate.png
Sources: Dragon's Dogma - ドラゴンズドグマ & Dark Arisen (, the Dragon's Dogma Signature Series Guide, List of Creature Debilitation Resistances, and in-game testing.
  • Defense values refer to unarmored parts.
    • Unarmored parts seem to include the head, and upper parts of the body.
    • Armored parts of the Saurian takes 3/8ths expected damage usually.
  • When a tailess Saurian is knocked down whilst in the water it will float to the surface "bottom up" and take increased damage.
  • Once the tail is removed expected damage is multiplied - probably double damage
  • Whilst rolling on the ground (such as after losing its tail) the creature takes as much as triple damage
    • A similar boost also applies for sneak attacks on slumbering Saurians.
  • Strikes on knockdowned Saurians may also have damage multiplied (2.5x) whilst they recover


Attack Type Description
Spear Slash Phys A variety of spear attacks, including single and double slashes at a target in front of it.
Spear downthrust Phys Thrusts the spear down in front of it, in an attack not unlike Downcrack.
Spear stab Phys A thrust with a spear directly in front - may be followed up with a second stab, or a slash.
Tail Whip Phys Whacks targets standing behind it. May cause knock back.
Spit Mag/Status Spits a glob of poison at a target. May inflict Poison and Drenched.
Jump Spec Jumps at a target out of the water as ambush or reinforcements. Tailless Saurians also do a small leap that lacks offense.
Jumping Spear Phys Leaps at a target and stabs them with the spear. Knocks the target away and down.
Lunge Phys When unarmed, a Saurian may make a lunging head butt attack from all fours.
Hit and Run Bite Phys When its tail is removed, it will slither up to a target and bite them in the legs and then run away.
Cloak Spec Turns itself near invisible for ambush or regular attacks.
Guard Spec Holds up its spear in a defensive stance and blocks all frontal and side attacks. However, the tail is not protected, and the guard may be broken by strong attacks.
Counter Attack Phys If its defensive guard is not broken when attacking, it will retaliate with a spear attack that knocks the target down.
Kick Phys Does a strong kick that may break its target's guard, stagger or knock them down.
Hiss or Croak Spec Two types of call - an aggressive hiss, and what seems to be a call to allies - in certain locations such calls may summon further Saurians from the water.
Spear Toss Phys Tosses its spear at the target as a last resort. Once self-disarmed Saurians will use a combination of spitting, kicking, lunges and butts, and fleeing.
Chin Breaker Phys A standing Saurian flips its head upwards in an aggressive fashion. Breaks the guard of frontal foes. (only performed by spearless Saurians)
Lick Wounds Spec A tailless Saurian will retreat and hide - if left out of sight for long enough they may regrow their tail and return to the battle.

Saurian King

During the quest Deeper Trouble, a larger than normal Saurian is encountered - the regular Saurians appear to look up to this large Saurian as their leader, and since it dwells in a cave full of Saurian eggs, it may be that this is Saurian "queen" or "king".

Though similar in size to a Giant Saurian, this unique creature cannot be climbed, but it can be grappled and carried.


  • Weak to ice in all its forms, and easily frozen.
  • Inflicting burning interrupts their attacks, causing them to roll around on the ground, trying to extinguish the flames.
  • Cutting the tail weakens the Saurian's will to fight, causes them to drop their weapons, and severely reduces their defense. It also disables their invisibility.
    • With arrows aim at the join in the tail - this gives much increased damage, and greater tail severing potential - just aiming at the tip of the tail only weakly damages saurians.
    • Grappling followed by a kick release also inflicts damage directly to the tail.
  • Easily blinded, torpored, cursed, and petrified.
  • Common Saurians (such as those found at The Watergod's Altar) will rest attached to walls, and assume an invisibility cloak, waiting in ambush. Listen for their tell-tale growling and look for a faint shape on the walls so that a first strike can be made, or defensive measures can be taken.
  • Submerged Saurians cannot be auto-targeted with staves and magick bows, but the Arisen may still manually aim at them.

Pawn Bestiary Knowledge

In addition to witnessing these techniques, it is necessary for Pawns to participate in killing 300 Saurians either with their own Arisen or while travelling with others.

More information can be found on the Bestiary page.

Pawn Chatter

"It has the look of a reptile."
"Gah! 'Tis a giant lizard!" (no Bestiary knowledge)
"Those scales and spears are an unwelcome combination."
"The tail is severed!"
"Strike the tail!"
"Taste my wrath, reptile!"
"The scales atop their head are soft."
"The scales along their back are hardest of all."
"Their spittle is fell poison!"
"Their cold blood cannot abide ice!"
"Their spears have long reach."


A Saurian depicted in the digital comic.

  • According to the Dragon's Dogma Official Design Works (p.185) Saurians are merely territorial and fight only when their territory is entered - their spears are actually for fishing, not warfare.
  • The name Saurian is taken from Sauria which is a scientific term for a clade of reptiles.
  • Most Lizardmen in other mythologies are highly intelligent and capable of wielding human weapons and armor. Some are even capable of speech, but those in Dragon's Dogma are more primitive and behave like cavemen.
  • The way a Saurian's tail will simply pop off after sustaining enough damage is very similar to many species of lizards that use autotomy. It could also imply that the tails grow back, similar to these of lizards.
    • Occasionally a Saurian's tail may regrow.



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