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Sarcophagus is an environmental object found in Dragon's Dogma.


A Sarcophagus (pl. Sarcophagi) are stone coffins found commonly in The Catacombs, but also in isolated locations above ground including the Barta Crags, Northface Forest, and Deos Hills. They are also in the Ceremonial Cage, and in Chamber of Woe in The Everfall.

Like chests they can contain treasure, but unlike chests once opened and looted they stay open and empty. Occasionally such a coffin may contain no loot.

Some Catacombs sarcophagi are booby trapped with a gas that inflicts curse upon opening. They may be distinguished by barely visible grey fumes leaking from under the lid - lighting nearby Lamps will significantly increase gas leaks' visibility. In addition to the hazard of gas, some Catacomb sarcophogi still have tenants, now undead.

Many Sarcophagi have long been broken open.



  • Sarcophogi do not reset or restock until New Game Plus.
  • When they contain anything they sometimes have fairly high quality armor - if potions are found they are of the rarer type. Seeker's Token are also found. As lesser finds Skull, Tuft of Hair, and Shackles are common.
  • (Exploit) Finds from coffins can be random, just like chests, and can be exploited for the best result using the Godsbane, or other Save-Reload methods.

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